Squall Leonhart Gunblade from Final Fantasy


Overall Length: 37″
Blade Length: 25.5″
Handle Length: 11.5″
Free Display Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Sword Weight: 1.74 KG

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Squall Leonhart Gunblade Sword:

The revolver Sword is wielded by Squall Leonheart who was the main hero in the eighth diversion. He is a bold youngster with tan hair and light blue eyes. He concentrates just on his mission and battles as an afterthought of Cosmos’ warriors. Numerous individuals are pulled in by Leonheart’s state of mind, and a crown is regularly seen around him. He couldn’t care less at all and uses his Gunblade to annihilate each and every risk from the planet. His forces are flooding and he can perform precarious combos utilizing his weapon. The story of the diversion rotates around the fight between the goddess of amicability Cosmos and the shrewdness strengths of Chaos. Squall assumes a critical part for the Cosmos and helps her in vanquishing the Chaos warriors and sparing the planet.

Product Description:

We are displaying the lionheart gunblade Sword from the most epic game series.
• The sword has an overall length of 37 inches and the handle is 11.5 inches long.
• The sword has a unique design and is one of the most iconic weapons in the video game.
• The weapon is half sword and half gun which allows the user to deliver close range attacks with higher power.
• The squall leonhart gunblade is 25.5 inches long and features a long and stylish blade with a very attractive design on it. It is made out of stainless steel.
• The sword has a chain which has a metal item like a gunblade.
• The lionheart gunblade sword comes with a display stand and a leather sheath free of cost. It weighs 1.74 kg and can be used as an ornamental item to hang on the wall.
• The scabbard is designed in such a way so that it fits the sword inside it.
• Our swords store has a wide collection of products which are provided at an affordable rate.


Squall Leonhart is the main hero of Final Fantasy VIII. He is a young person and reserved Seed mercenary fighter. But others view Squall as icy and centered until he starts to scrutinize the way he has decided to carry on with his life. Squall’s weapon which is the squall leonhart gunblade is one of the notorious weapons of the Final Fantasy series. Squall is later given the title Commander.
Squall is a youngster with raucous tan hair and light blue eyes. Squall frequently wears a dark leather aircraft coat with a hide trim neckline and a slipover white shirt, dark jeans with three interconnecting cinchs, and dark boots and gloves. He has a silver stud in his left ear and wears a silver chain neckband with a Griever pendant and a matching ring. The main times he isn’t wearing this specific outfit is the point at which he’s wearing his Seed uniform or Seed cadet uniform which he just does if needed to. In his flashbacks to his youth days he wears an orange shirt with a few even stripes and dull jeans. Squall’s gunblade of decision is the Revolve, of which he claims a modified variant. In a duel with his opponent Seifer Almasy, both wind up providing for one another reflecting scars over the face.


Last Fantasy VIII is a fictional feature game released for the Playstation in 1999 and Windows-based PCs in 2000. The game got to be accessible on Playstation Network as a Psone Classics title in 2009. It was produced and distributed by Square as the Final Fantasy series’s eighth title, evacuating enchantment point-based spell-throwing and the first title to reliably utilize reasonably proportioned characters.

The diversion takes after the story of a gathering of hired soldiers, who are a piece of an association named “Seed”. Their primary objective in the diversion is to prevent a sorceress from the future from compacting time.

The advancement of Final Fantasy VIII started in 1997 amid the English limitation methodology of Final Fantasy VII. The music was scored by Nobuo Uematsu series regular. In a series first and foremost the signature music is a vocal piece “Eyes on Me” that was performed by Faye Wong. The game was emphatically liked by commentators and was a business achievement. It was voted the 22nd-best session ever by peruser of the Japanese magazine Famitsu. 13 weeks after its release, Final Fantasy VIII had earned more than Us$50 million in deals, making it the speediest offering Final Fantasy title ever until Final Fantasy XIII, a multi-stage discharge. Like any Final Fantasy before it, Final Fantasy VIII comprises of three fundamental modes of play: the world guide, field guide and fight screen.

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