Final Fantasy Mini Cloud Buster Sword

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Overall Length: 40"
Blade Length: 30"
Handle Length: 10"
Guard is 4 1/2 inches wide
Free Display Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Regular Price: $131.00

Special Price: $66.94


Mini Cloud Buster Sword
The mini version of the famous large sword in the Final Fantasy series is now available. The Buster sword, as first seen in the seventh part of the Final Fantasy series, Advent Children is a symbolic image in the game and associates itself with the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife. Initially, the sword is owned by Angeal Hewley however with time it is eventually passed on to Cloud who wields it to defeat the evil Sephiroth and his creations. Along with the original version, we offer the shorter version of the Cloud sword that is both appealing and attractive especially owing to easier handling due to its smaller size.

Description of Product:
The sword is very popular among fans of the Final Fantasy series and the huge size of the sword also attracts collectors, the trademark sword used by the protagonist Cloud Strife in Advent Children is not a sword that you want to miss. The shorter yet even more captivating sword is available with the following features:

•The length of the blade extends to 40 inches, smaller than the original Buster sword.
•The shiny blade is up to a great 30 inches long.
•The blade is made of stainless steel and polished to make it look even more tempting.
•The length of the handle and pommel spread to 10 inches. The handle shines having being made with black leather.
•The crossguard of the blade is 4.5 inches wide with a beautiful metallic design and eye catching bolts.
•Equipped with the sword is a leather shield and a display stand that you can use to show off your collector’s sword.

Buster Sword:
The buster sword is a single edged blade with a lighter color on the edges. This blade has two small openings towards the end of the blade is both enormous and heavy, requiring great physical strength to use by its wielder. The hand guard is gold colored in the Advent Children version of the game with engraved etchings near it. The handguard is bolted and fixed into its place. The Cloud Buster sword is a popular sword in the Final Fantasy series being seen on various occasions since its inception in Final Fantasy VII. After being passed onto him by Zack Fair, it is the traditional and iconic weapon of choice of Cloud. The large sword is mainly seen to attract the attention of fans because of its large size and its abilities that allow Cloud to become a mighty warrior and be able to defeat the evil villains in the game. The sword initially in Final Fantasy VII is original and it takes very little variation through all sequels of the game series.

The game Final Fantasy revolves around the influence of evil on the game world which is to be defeated and diminished by a character or a group of characters that seek to restore peace to the world. Cloud Strife is the lead character in the seventh installment of the Final Fantasy series. A swordsman who is arrogant and confident about his abilities initially who believes himself to be a part of SOLDIER, an elite warrior unit. With time, through friends and his journeys, cloud realizes that being a hero is not about physical strength and ability and thus, his personality changes to being more humble. Cloud is a blonde haired tall yet muscularly built individual who is a student of Zack Fair and learns the art of battle from him, he idolizes Zack. A warrior who prefers two handed swords as has his trademark weapon, the Buster Sword, an extensively large and heavy sword that is seen on several occasions in the game wield by Cloud. Before Cloud, two people wielded the Buster sword, one was its original owner Angeal Hewley, whose father forged the sword for him to use. However, Angeal did not use the sword and cared for it in memory of his father who had passed away forging the sword. On his deathbed, Angeal passed on the sword to Zack Fair as a symbol of honor, Zack did however use the sword to a much more extent than Angeal and the sword aided him greatly in battle. After being gunned down outside the place Midgar, Zack passed on the sword to Cloud who represented his living legacy being trained and taught the art of battle by Zack. The movie and game mainly concentrate on Cloud Strife and his battle with the evil Sephiroth and his three warriors, Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo who appear after Sephiroth has been defeated by Cloud once. Towards the end, Sephiroth is reborn with the help of Kadaj and there rises an epic battle between Cloud and Sephiroth that ends with Cloud finishing off Sephiroth and his warriors once and for all with the help of his Buster sword. After Advent Children, Cloud is seen to place the sword on the cliff where Zack was killed to honor him a tribute and as a sign of respect.

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