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Final Fantasy Swords
History and Background:
It is better to know about the related franchise, before buying any of our final fantasy weapons. In the 1980s, Square came in the Japanese video game production with basic RPGs, racing games, and stands for Nintendo’s Famicom Disk operating system. In 1987, Square creator Hironobu Sakaguchi chose to make a new imaginary role playing game in the cartridge based NES, and got inspired from known imaginary games such as Enix’s Dragon Quest, Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda, and Origin Systems’ Ultima series. Although mostly associated with the company supposedly facing loss, Sakaguchi stated that the game was his private last ditch effort in the game company and that its name, Final Fantasy, arose from his feelings at the time; had the game not bought well, he would have ended the business and gone back to studying. Even with his explanation, broadcasters have also assigned the name to the business’s hopes that the assignment would solve its bankruptcy troubles. And after the video game series got hit, fans started to admire final fantasy swords and this is how this craze spread.

The game at the end turned around the Square’s lagging treasure, and it became the company’s forerunner franchise. Following the advancement, Square quickly made a second installment. Because Sakaguchi seemed Final Fantasy would be a standalone name, its story was not styled to be grown and expand by a sequel. The makers instead chose to carry over only thematic similarities from its predecessor, while some of the game play components, such as the character advanced system, was restored. This method has continued almost throughout the catalog; each dominant Final Fantasy game characterizes a new setting, a fresh cast of characters, and an advance battle system. Video game maker John Harris encouraged the concept of restoring the game operating system of each episode to Nihon Falcom’s Dragon Slayer catalog with which Square was lately involved as a publisher reporter. The company daily gave new titles in the main series. However, the age between the announcement of Final Fantasy XI (2002), Final Fantasy XII (2006), and Final Fantasy XIII (2009) were much extended than older titles. After Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix said that it wanted to release Final Fantasy games either yearly or twice a year. This switch was to mimic the advancement cycles of Westerly games in the Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Battlefield catalog, as well as keep up fan interest.

A character title is another repeating theme. Since the announcement of Final Fantasy II, inclusive of subsequent remakes of the authorized Final Fantasy, an individual named child has come in different capacities: as a non playable ally, a party boy, and a rival. Though Cid’s outlook and personality keep on changing between titles, the character is basically related to the in game airships. Biggs and Wedge, encouraged by two Star Wars individuals of the same title, appear in various titles as small characters, sometimes as comic comedy. The later names in the series characterize various males with female qualities characteristics. Repeating creatures inclusive of Chocobos and Moogles. Chocobos are huge, often cannot fly birds that come in many installments as a means of long distance travel for characters. Moogles, on the other hand, are colored white, stout animals can be compared with a teddy bear with wings and a one antenna. They serve distinct capacities in games inclusive of mail delivery, weapon smiths, party members, and surviving the game. Chocobo and Moogle are often followed by a particular music theme that has been made distinctly for different titles.

Famous Final Fantasy swords:
Among the Swords, many final fantasy gunblades have been the basic element of the franchise since the installment of first game in the series. Whether the setting is an antique fantasy world or an absolute future with robots and laser beams, the legend has to control a ginormous sword that he enchantingly pulls out of his butt thin air while in a combat with enemies.

Mythril Sword
Your Basic beginner Weapon
They are not alluring, but they are a Final Fantasy support.

The unique Flower: Most robust Sword in Ivalice
Tournesol does not have the long ancestry unlike other Final Fantasy swords, but I have to include it as the hardest weapon to control in any Final Fantasy game

Excalibur, heroic sword of King Arthur, comes up in almost every Final Fantasy as a Paladin sword or robust weapon. It often imposes Holy damage. It often needs a few odd key parts or ingredients to be used

Buster Sword
The most known weapon among the Final Fantasy weapons franchise, the Buster Sword was controlled by the central protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. Though it’s rapidly superseded while playing the game with higher ranked final fantasy weapons, it is used in all the cut scenes and art, linked with its distinct minimalist looks — it’s typically a big kitchen knife.

Masamune is the last Final Fantasy sword. After all, it’s appeared in almost every game in the franchise, and most of the spin offs. Its title is after GoroNyudoMasamune, the greatest sword smith in Japan.

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