Paine Skull Sword

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Total Length: 40"
Blade Length: 28"
Handle Length: 12"
Free Display Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.65 KG

Regular Price: $137.00

Special Price: $70.00


Paine Skull Sword
The skull Sword belongs to Paine, a complex and reserved young lady who showed up as a playful character in the feature game series. The game offered a role playing framework which is pleasant and interesting. The story demonstrates the mission of the gathering of Sphere seekers including three young ladies. Yuna, Rikku and Paine set on a voyage for discovering the Tidus. Paine’s past is unexplained and cryptic that player needs to uncover in the amusement. She wears substantial leather garments with numerous clasps and conveys a broadsword. She has red eyes and silver hair, which makes her look lovely. Her identity is much Auron apparently equivalent as she uncovers data just when she is approached or requirements for doing so. She was conceived in the place that is known for Spira in the time of Sin’s rule. At the point when developed, she joined the Crimson Squad, a multitude of world class troopers. Be that as it may, the parts were murdered in the hole of Den of Woe. She survived and looked for her three gathering members.

Product Description:
The Paine Skull Sword is now in our stock. This sword belongs to the famous character Paine from Final Fantasy X which is a very popular game series. Some of the best features of this sword include these:

• The sword has a total length of 40 inches, knife length is 28 inches and the handle is 12 inches long.
• The Final Fantasy Paine sword has a skull face carving on it. This skull face is the trademark for the warrior Paine.
• The cross guard is in the shape of a heart which makes the sword more attractive.
• The pommel has a skull with several horns and projections.
• The hilt is made out of quality heavy metal and is decorated with scales on it.
• The skull on the sword projects into five pointed prongs that look very intimidating.
• The Final Fantasy Paine sword has been designed to look exactly like the original one with precise detailing.
• The sword weighs 1.65 kg and can be hanged on the wall or can be displayed on the display stand. It also features a custom cut leather scabbard free of cost.
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Paine is much like Auron in how she is negative and cynical and will only uncovers information when needed to. There is very little known about Paine except that she is quiet and likes to keep too herself. Paine loves trouble and is always in for a good fight. However, she is smart enough to sense when trouble is near. She stops the overenthusiastic Gullwings from prying by mocking them. She doesn’t even indulge in Rikku’s inquisitive nature, preferring not to answer questions about herself. Instead she constantly hunts for Spiras past and flies on an airship. Paine is known for her lukewarm attitude and her one armed sword. It appears she joined the Gullwings due to something that happened in her past. However none of the Gullwings seem to know what that reason is. Some of the ridiculus antics of the Gullwings have a tendency of provoking sarcastic and mocking comments from Paine but the others don’t seem to stress over it much.

Final Fantasy is a popular role playing game series. It is based on four essential diversions. The over world map, which is a scaled down version of the games fictional world. The player uses this to control different areas. A player can get access to the over world by foot, kayak or by boat. The more the player advances the more options there will be available to him. The diversion’s plot creates as the player advances through towns and cells. Some town natives offer supportive data while others claim shops that offer things or supplies. Cells show up in zones that incorporate backwoods, holes, mountains, swamps, submerged natural hollows and structures. Prisons frequently have treasure midsections containing uncommon things that are not accessible in many stores.
The game’s menu screen permits the player to stay informed about their experience points and levels. This allows a player to choose which equipment their characters wield and to use items and magic. The most essential quality of character is his level which ranges from one to fifty and is based on the level of experience of that character. Reaching a higher level will increase the characters attributes such as their maximum hit points.
The Final Fantasy Paine sword can easily be purchased from our store at a very affordable price, provided is the link of our website from where you can buy this sword.

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