For what motive do Kirito and Asuna Need Their Memory Removed?

In the Underworld, Kirito and Asuna were the ruler and Queen of the VR world, driving the general public all through the period they lived there. In spite of the fact that points of interest of their rule were just uncovered to some degree, SAO fans can construe that their rule was a result of a demonstration to help the Underworld during the post-war time frame.

Later on, per their solicitation, Rath deletes the recollections of Asuna and Kirito. There have been a few speculations in regards to Kirito and Asuna’s justification for mentioning a memory wipe. After Kirito and Asuna’s enlivening, they announce that they need their recollections cleaned, however through sharp perception, fans can notice a radical distinction between Kirito from the Underworld and his unique self. Without a doubt, Kirito and Asuna confronted a great deal of changes in the Underworld which burdened them genuinely and mentally. All things considered, having 200 years of involvement being sovereignty to a surprising society is very difficult. So it’s conceivable that they needed to be liberated from the enthusiastic weight they conveyed.

Likewise, another conceivable hypothesis is that the human cerebrum can’t hold in excess of a particular number of years of recollections. This was found in Sword Art Online: Alicization, where Quinella, on the other hand known as the Administrator, had 150 years of recollections that before long impacted her mental capacities. Despite the fact that she designed a brief arrangement: eliminating portions of old recollections to acquire new ones, it was a long way from a reasonable one since her essential human memory was as yet restricted. Thus, assuming Asuna and Kirito had held their recollections, they could have been experiencing the same thing, including a brief expulsion and substitution of their recollections. Understanding this point of view, extremely durable and complete memory eradication of their Underworld experience was a pragmatic choice. Fortunately, Rath’s duplicate of Kirito saves stores his memory for future references. Sword Art Online fans would be anxious to find the undertakings and circumstances Kirito and Asuna experienced in Underworld assuming the anime at any point goes toward that way.