Future Gohan is Finally back in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Heroes brings back some of the characters from the main Dragon Ball anime series. In this case, it seems that Future Gohan has returned to fight against the Z-Fighters. Future Gohan did receive scars that resembled Yamcha’s after an incident that occurred with the androids. Gohan ends up losing the use of his arm in his final confrontation with Cell when he tries to save Vegeta from a blast meant to kill him, and Future Gohan completely loses his arm after guarding Trunks from the androids. On its front cover of the special, Gohan has already lost his left arm, and the scars after that battle are visible. At first glance, it’s difficult to tell because Trunks partly covers Gohan, especially where his left arm ought to be. This layout is most likely used to avoid this major spoiler.

The Super Space-Time Tournament has started in Dragon Ball Heroes’ latest story arc, bringing together the Z-Fighters we did know, as well as heroes and villains from the franchise chosen to take from their respective eras and pitted against each other thanks to a rogue Kaioshin. While the identities among all her combatants have yet to be revealed, the majority of them are wearing masks to cover up their identities. While Future Gohan has yet to remove his mask, it is clear as he’s the one actually trying to knock Trunks out of the fight, as he appears to be backed by such stable new energy that tends to put him on an equal playing field with Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Godson.

If you’ve not seen the most recent Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode, the second episode of the Ultra God Mission had also arrived online and attributes the return of the Son Gohan of the Future, which remains a fan favorite despite his limited appearances in the Shonen franchise.