One Piece Roronoa Zoro Wado Ichimonji Real Katana Sword
One Piece Roronoa Zoro Wado Ichimonji Real Katana Sword Original price was: $320.10.Current price is: $160.99.
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black umbrella sword with hidden blade
Black Umbrella sword with Hidden Blade - 5-in-1 Sword Cane Original price was: $70.00.Current price is: $51.99.

Ghost Of Tsushima Katana Sword Katana And Tanto Sword Set

Original price was: $798.10.Current price is: $399.40.

  • The sword set are made of high manganese steel, full tang swords.
  • High-performance and sharp-edged blade.
  • Hardwood handle decorated with pu black samegawa and wrapped in white cord.
  • Blue saya with a premium natural lacquer finish, alloy tusba.
  • Please note: the sword stand or holder is not included.

Presenting the Handmade Katana and Tanto Sword Set, inspired by Ghost of Tsushima, this exceptional historical weapon replica boasts noteworthy features for enthusiasts and collectors.

Blade: Crafted meticulously from manganese steel, the Katana’s high-performance blade ensures remarkable hardness and resilience. With full-tang construction for superior balance and durability, this tribute to a warrior’s weapon combines aesthetics and function seamlessly.

Handle: The hardwood handle, adorned with PU black samegawa and elegantly wrapped in white cord, not only provides a sturdy grip but also offers a striking contrast to the gleaming steel blade.

Saya: Carved from hardwood and finished with premium natural lacquer, the saya exudes craftsmanship with a subtle blue hue, enhancing its visual appeal.

Tsuba: The Katana’s alloy tsuba, intricately carved with patterns, stands as an artistic masterpiece, showcasing attention to detail and providing essential hand protection.

Accompanying the Katana is its faithful Tanto counterpart, featuring similar design and materials, including a manganese steel blade, black samegawa handle, white cord wrapping, a beautifully lacquered blue saya, and intricately carved alloy tsuba.

The Handmade Katana and Tanto Sword Set, inspired by Ghost of Tsushima, perfectly blends artistry, tradition, and homage. It stands as a testament to the spirit of the samurai, showcasing the seamless fusion of form and function. Whether for display, collection, or practical use, these swords proudly reflect a rich warrior heritage.


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