Glamdring Sword – Lord Of The Rings Replica – Sword Of Gandalf


  • 35 1/4″ mirror polished stainless steel blade
  • Solid metal cross guard & pommel
  • Leather wrapped grip
  • Includes wall display

Description of Glamdring Sword – Lord Of The Rings Replica – Sword Of Gandalf:

Presenting the Glamdring Sword – Lord of the Rings Replica – Sword of Gandalf, an encapsulation of the respected wizard’s insight and strength. This carefully created reproduction reverberates with the charm of Tolkien’s universe, making it an enthralling fortune for devotees and gatherers the same.
The Glamdring Sword Replica richly catches the pith of the sword used by Gandalf in his honorable mission. With its unpredictable handle decorated in Elvish themes and its wonderfully bended sharp edge, the sword’s plan radiates an ever-enduring appeal that transports admirers to the core of Center earth’s legends.

This 47 5/8″ replica of Gandalf’s Glamdring Sword from The Lord of the Rings films has a 35 1/4″ 420 stainless steel blade that is etched with elven runes that indicate Turgon, the King of Gondolin, the intend recipient of the sword. The cross guard, pommel, and grip are all made of solid metal with an antique metal finish on the hilt. A wall display plaque with a wood grain finish and a silkscreen pattern is also include with this item.

Whether showed gladly in your assortment or used in creative play, the Glamdring Sword – Lord of the Rings Replica permits you to grasp a piece of Center earth’s sorcery. Let the soul of Gandalf’s mental fortitude and insight rouse you as you dive into the fantastical stories that have caught the hearts of ages.

Created with fastidious meticulousness, this formally authorized copy grandstands the imaginativeness of Center earth’s legend. The handle’s multifaceted etchings, the matured appearance of the sharp edge, and the significant load of the blade on the whole give recognition to the loftiness and realness of Gandalf’s confided in weapon.
Given a presentation plaque bearing Gandalf’s token, the Glamdring Sword replica turns into an image of the wizard’s unbelievable heritage.

Whether showed as a highlight or kept as a loved collectible, it welcomes fans to loll in the rich narrating that characterized Tolkien’s domain, and fills in as a substantial connection to the chivalrous excursions and immortal insight exemplified in Gandalf’s personality.



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