Glamdring White Sword from The Lord of the Rings

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Product Details:

Blade: 32.5″
Handle: 11.5″
Weight: 1.81 KG
Free Wall Plaque
Free White Scabbard!
White leather-wrapped on the handle.
Blue Gem on Guard.
Metal cast fitting on scabbard!
Solid metal pommel

Glamdring White Sword Replica Description:

It is uncertain whether Gandalf used the Glamdring White Sword on the Endless Stair and Durin’s Tower in the Battle of the Peak between Gandalf and Balrog. The Glamdring sword could be seen with Gandalf during his meeting with The Three Hunters, and he handed it over to Hama and Edoras when he was asked to surrender it. The sword was seen when he arrived at The Prancing Pony in Bree, with Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin. However, Gandalf and the Hobbits had experienced so many wars that wearing weapons did not seem awkward for them. The Glamdring sword is currently kept safe in the treasure vault at Minas Tirith.

The Glamdring sword was first seen when William, Bret, and Tom were encountered by Gandalf, Bilbo, and Baggins. The William, Bret, and Tom were the trolls who captured the Bilbo and the dwarves, but Gandalf managed to destroy them by exposing them to light. He found the Glamdring sword along with with Orcrist and Sting sword in their cave.

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  • The overall length of the sword along with scabbard is 49 inches.
  • The blade of the sword is nearly 32.5 inches.
  • The handle of the sword is 11.5 inches long.
  • The sword has a weight of 1.81 kg.
  • It comes with a free wall plaque and a free white scabbard.

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Are there any charges for blade sharpening?

Yes, there are some charges for blade sharpening. For that, contact customer chat service.

What comes free along with the Sword?

It comes along with a free wall plaque and free white scabbard.

What is the construction material of the sword?

The sword is made up of high-quality stainless steel.

Is there any cost of shipping?

Yes, there are extra shipping charges applied on it.

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Weight 4 kg

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  1. 5 out of 5


    didn’t care much regarding how the real sword looked in the movie series. Out of curiosity, i ordered this version to see how it might look when I hold it. and it looked cool. It feels so whitish and good that my wife thought it might be a girly sword until i explained to her it was a modified replica from lotr series. Thanks guys, will surely order again.

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  • Cody WiarekCody WiarekAffordable Rates

    I purchased Glamdring Sword as my first sword for my collection as I had only collected knives previously, this is an incredible start. For the price of $73 & 5 days shipping, It is a top quality product. I am very much happy with sword's quality, price.

  • Keith ConwayKeith ConwayAwesome Quality

    I would highly recommend the Swords Kingdom website to those people who are looking to add Katana Swords in their collection at very affordable rates. They are selling high-quality stainless steel blades with safe packaging.

Glamdring White Sword from The Lord of the Rings