God of War - Blade of Chaos Sword

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Overall Length: 40"
Blade Length: 28"
Blade Width: 12"
Free Mild leather Sheath

Regular Price: $265.00

Special Price: $77.67


The famous replica collectible of God of War is finally here. You will love to buy this collectible at such an unbelievable price. The blade of Chaos belongs to the famous God of War game series. God of War was a third person action-adventure game published by Sony Entertainment. Set in ancient Greek, the game loosely bases on Greek mythology. The players take control of Kratos, a Spartan warrior, engaged in the services of Olympus Gods. Goddess Athena tasked Kratos to kill Ares. So Kratos starts his journey to stop Ares by finding an object called Pandora’s Box.

Kratos got the Blades of Chaos as a gift from Ares as he made these blades for any future worthy warrior. Kratos once called the God Ares to spare the Spartans and help them in killing the Barbarian King. Ares hears Kratos, prayer and bonds him a pair of chain blades (The Blades of Chaos), forged in the depths of Tartarus (underworld). Kratos used the blades of Chaos when he destroyed the village of Athena’s worshipers. In this battle, Kratos’ wife and child got killed. Ares tricked Kratos by placing his wife and child in the village. Now the Oracle cursed Kratos and the ashes of his family got attached to his body, turning his skin, ash-white. Now Kratos started serving Athena for his forgiveness. After some time, he sets off to kill Ares. Our site includes the best replica from God of War series. You fill find this replica amazing.

These replica Blades were the first collectible that Kratos used in the game series. Later on, he got a new pair of chained blades, The Athena’s Blades gifted by Goddess Athena herself. The chains ignite with every strike as it is full of fire. Crunch the bones and tear the flesh of enemies. Wielding these potent blades, hack and slash your way to conquest. No one is offering these blades online at this price. You can buy the replica from our trusted online store. The Blades of Chaos contain chains, as shown in the game. The massive size of the blades allows attacking enemies even from a distance. These mighty cheap feature a black leather wrapped handle. You must buy this replica if you are a Kratos fan.

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