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Halo 3 Master Chief Energy Sword GEN II

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Overall Length: 36"
Blade Type: High Quality Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Custom Molded Grey Plastic


The Energy replica is finally available at our online replicas store. Halo 3 is one of the best shooter video game and belongs to the famous Halo series. The game set in twenty-sixth century. The story centers on a war between humanity and a collection of alien races known as the Covenant. Players take control of Master Chief, a super soldier having cyber-powers who battles against aliens for the sake of humanity.

Halo series feature many different epic and fictional collectibles that other first-person shooter video games never used. It features a wide array of long-range collectibles like assault Beam rifles, Brute shot and some close range collectibles like Gravity hammer and Energy replica.

The Energy Replica Gen II is one of the most deadly close-range collectibles in the Halo series. In Halo 3, it has a battery that is no longer after ten kills. This characteristic forces the players to make proper use of it with a strategy. In halo 3, energy replica has a battery of 100 charges, which could be used in 10 effective charges. The Energy replica Gen II remains invisible when the player is in cloak form. As a result, enemies cannot notice the cheap replica’s energy even. The replica contained two types of attacks, lunge and slash. The Player can switch them by pulling one of the two triggers.

The energy replica is a close-range plasma collectible used as a melee collectible in the game. First, they took it as a pure ceremonial collectible. But then, high-ranking elites carry such replica in battles. In the game, material used in the replica was silver metal. But here we have a stainless steel blade and its handle molded by grey plastic. The makers build small magnetic field generators in the handle that causes the cheap replica to unleash a powerful energy. Such technology is usable in all the covenant plasma collectibles. The user should create pressure on the handle to activate the collectible. The black handle keeps the user safe from replica ’s energy. You can buy this replica online from our site.

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