Dragon Lord Handmade Katana
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Shinwa Golden Knight Katana Sword
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Highlander Closed Mouth Dragon Katana

Original price was: $163.98.Current price is: $81.99.

  • Overall length: 42″
  • Keenly sharp 27 3/4″ 1045 high carbon steel blade
  • Dragon handle katana looks like an ancient weapon
  • Faux ivory handle with intricate details
  • Gold metal alloy tsuba and habaki
  • Includes blue lacquered scabbard

Description of Highlander Closed Mouth Dragon Katana:

Our Highlander Closed Mouth Dragon Katana would have been highly regarded by the Highlanders. It has a handle made of faux ivory with fine detailing that mimics a hand-carved, closed-mouth Japanese dragon. The handle has embed imitation rubies and is hand-paint in bright colors. The 27 3/4″ 1045 high carbon steel blade features a deep blood groove and is accompanied with a golden metal alloy tsuba and habaki. A navy blue lacquer scabbard with gold metal alloy decorative elements matches the tsuba and is use to sheathe the magnificent katana.

Moreover, Presenting the Highlander Closed Mouth Dragon Katana

A magnificently created combination of imaginativeness and capability that exemplifies the substance of old swordsmanship. So, This extraordinary weapon gives proper respect to the worshipped katana custom while consolidating creative elements for the cutting edge lover. Carefully produced by talented craftsmans, the katana exhibits a delightfully nitty gritty shut mouth winged serpent tsuba (monitor) complicatedly cast from top notch bronze, oozing a demeanor of style and strength.

The blade of the Highlander Katana is a demonstration of the commitment of craftsmanship. Manufactured from high-carbon steel, it flaunts momentous sharpness and versatility, making it an optimal ally for both showcase and reasonable use.

The conventional earth treating method has skillfully utilize to make a shocking hamon, the wavy line along the edge that exhibits the edge’s differentially solidified edge. This upgrades its cutting ability as well as adds a bit of tasteful charm.

Whether showed gladly as an image of custom and excellence or employed handily as a demonstration of accuracy and power, the Highlander Closed Mouth Dragon Katana encapsulates old craftsmanship in a cutting edge world.

It is in excess of a sharp edge – it is an encapsulation of workmanship, history, and military ability, a genuine magnum opus that reverberates with the two gatherers and experts, enticing them to embrace the method of the blade with veneration and honor.


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