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Bleach Ichigo Tensa Anime Sword 68"

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Overall Length: 68"
Blade Length: 49"
Blade Construction: High Quality Black Polished Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Black Polished
Handle: Wooden string wrapped with chain
Fitting: Black Polished Solid Cast Metal guard and pommel
Free Stainless Steel Black Scabbard

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Regular Price: $260.00

Special Price: $130.00


Finally, the Tensa replica sword of Ichigo is here with an enhanced blade. If you want a quality blade then buy this cheap sword online. As you have noticed this Katana sword is an improved version of Tensa Zangetsu. The overall length of this cheap sword is 68’’ but, blade’s length is 49’’. This is probably the largest Katana sword in the world. Just think about what you can do with this 49 inch blade. One can stab it from a vast distance. This replica sword has leather sheath and black polished stainless steel. This edition of Tensa Zangetsu Katana sword is exclusively available on ours sword store. Be wise to avail this opportunity and save big.

Ichigo wanted to release the Bankai form of his replica sword. He pushed his body to the limits to achieve this goal. After that, he finally awakes the sword and challenges Captain Byakuya who prisoned Rukia. Byakuya Kuchiki is an iron heart man, who does not care about her own sister Rukia. He remained calm even after hearing the news of Rukia’s execution. This thing tempers Ichigo so he jumps into battle with Byakuya. Ichigo keeps asking Byakuya why he is letting Rukia die. Byakuya tells that he is following the rules of Soul society. Ichigo’s inner hollow state overcomes giving him enhanced power. The two keep fighting and get severely injured. In the end, both delivered a powerful spiritual attack. Byakuya’s cheap sword gets shattered because of his cruelty. He was no longer capable of carrying on the battle. So he leaves the arena. This match was a draw. But, both received hundreds of cuts. This was the first time when Ichigo used Tensa Zangetsu Katana sword. Buy this sword online at cheap rate from Swords Kingdom.

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Perfections! Review by Victor
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Wow! Just received the sword and didn't think it was that cool. Thank you guys!
Tensa Zangetsu Review by Bleach Fan
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Very pleased with my whole shopping experience. Ordered the Tensa Zangetsu on Christmas Day and I wasn't expecting it to arrive as soon as it did. It's a very good quality sword. Bigger than I expected. Very pleased. Now I got Hollows to take care of. BANKAI!!!!


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