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Bleach Ichigo Zangetsu Sword

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Total Length: 52"
Blade length: 37"
Handle: 15"
Free display stand
Free Leather Sheath
Weight: 2.63 KG

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Regular Price: $130.00

Special Price: $80.00


Zangetsu Bleach Sword Replica

Zangetsu (Quincy Power Manifestation)
“Ichigo. You have become strong. I have had the pleasure of standing by your side all this time, watching you grow. What greater happiness can there be? I am satisfied.”

Zangetsu in “THE LAST 9DAYS”

These are among the few weapons that can be used to battle the hollows; Zanpakuto is capable of slashing spirits and is more aptly known as Divine Spear. This is an onerous replica of Kenpachi’s sword from the anime including scrabbled and cotton cloth wrapped handle. The blade, 37 inches (52 inches overall), made of 1045 High Quality Steel, over 8 and a half pounds, is pre sharpened In the factory. Handle is directly attached to the blade and features a frayed edge strip of white nylon which enhances the beauty of this sword.

This is our best Zengetsu sword to date. It’s massive! At over 52 inches in overall length and 5mm thick, this is the thickest and most solid Zengetsu sword out there. Our attention to accurate fine detail makes it the most accurate replica. This is a no hold bars construction, something to entice inner warrior spirits of whoever wields it. Continuing the impressive construction of the blade; handle is made from two hardwood panels attached to each side of the blade tang using only dual bamboo pegs, which is then wrapped frayed nylon strip.

The blade tapers to an attractive edge and a sharp point with a curved belly. For safety concerns, we ship the sword un sharp, its edges smoothed out. However, the sword can be honed to your needs of sharpness.

This is one mean sword, which its every foe soon realizes. The use of unique metal tsubais consistent with the anime’s gold look finish along with the fittings. This is a must have replica for every die hard Bleach fan. An excellent gift item for all Anime lovers. It’s a perfect companion for any cosplay, and we made the grip firm to help support the massive size and weight.

Ichigo He slices hundreds of Hollows with this giant blade. In a fight with Byakuya, his original Zengetsu gets broken. He takes training with Urahara to be able to retrieve his word. On one fine day, Urahara asked Ichigo if he can still win with just the hilt of his sword remaining! He continued saying, he’ll kill him if he continues to fight with just the hilt. Ichigo thought he would surely die ran away. As Urahararasied sword to attack behind him Ichigo questions himself on why he was running away, thinking it is embarrassing to have run from a battle. Losing balance, he gets knocked to the ground and hears a voice of a sullen old man. He sees the an from his inner world who asked Ichigo why he ran away when he has not yet called upon him. He told ichigo to cast away his fear and tells him his name is Zengetsu. Ichigo stops running and calls upon his Zanpakuto, unleashing its true form. Ichigo stopped in his tracks, turned back, and ran towards Uruhara, he screamed Zengetsu, activating his Shikai.

Ichigo’s old Zangetsu sword got broken in his fight with Byakuya. Urahara trained him to retrieve the blade. When he entered his inner world, the spirit Zangetsu appeared and gave him the box containing the handle of the cheap IchigoZangetsu sword. He instantly returns to the world of living as soon he grabbed the handle. Then he continues battling Urahara. In the fight, Zangetsu spirit appeared and told Ichigo to shout out his name. The blade suddenly formed when Ichigo do so.

Low ranking Shinigami, called Asuachi, do not have names. But the Shinigami with ranks have names. In its sealed sate (normal appearance), a Zanpakuto has the form of a Japanese sword and can be mistaken for a Katana. Generated from their owner’s soul, each is a unique sword and differs in shape and abilities depending on who its Shinigami is. Connected with souls, Zanpakutō are born with their Shinigami, and they die along with their Shinigami. Shinigami use them in battle as a reflection of their heart. When their abilities unleased, these swords exhibit deadly possession of power

The size of the sword reflects its wielders spiritual power and their bond. ZengetsuZanpakuto is over 130cm long in its rest state! It is virtually effortless for Kenpachi to wield his sword as it is part of his own soul. Shinigami captains all consciously keep their Zanpakutō in a manageable size, or else they would be treading along swords bigger than buildings and skyscrapers!

A wielder of Zanpakuto must learn its name; every Zanpakuto has its own name. However, simply knowing the name of ones Zanpakuto (sword) is not merely enough. To fully use a Zanpakuto’s power (Ichigos being extending the length of the blade and killing multiple enemies with one blow) its wielder must become familiar with its spirit. As the sword is extension of Shinigamis own spirit.

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