Introducing Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Sword

Gut is a fictitious person and the hero from the manga Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Firstly, Guts is a soldier of fortune who ventures out from one organization to another and friendship to friendship.
Secondly, In the wake of meeting Griffith, Guts is crushed fighting by Griffith and is compelled to join the Band of the Hawk as the last option declares he presently “possesses” him. The dynamic and fierce connection between Guts and Griffith, the head of the Band of the Hawk, shapes the essential focal point of the manga. However, After the occasions of the Eclipse, during which he loses his left lower arm and right eye, Guts looks for vengeance on Griffith.

Sword Introduction

We are introducing you to the surprising Guts Dragon Slayer sword. The highlights of the astounding Dragon Slayer sword are given below:

  • Total Item Length: 120cm
  • Blade Length: 90cm
  • Handle Length: 30cm
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Dual-tone Black polished blade
  • Leather Sheath and Display Stand included
  • Weight: 13.25 lbs when packed
  • Available in two versions: 120cm and 130cm

More Details
The Guts Dragon Slayer Sword is presently accessible in a double-tone finish. The cutting edge is painted dark in the center and is silver towards the edges. The long hardened steel edge is sufficiently thick and is twofold edged.
The edge is somewhat sharp with a sharp tip. Made like a massive broadsword, this imitation has a strong metal watchman and a long handle to help double-hand use. The agreeable grasp is for the most part conceivable because of the white folding around the handle. An ideal fit manufactured calfskin sheath and a wooden presentation stand are likewise remembered for the bundle.

The dragon slayer sword is well-eminent as showed up in the Anime and Manga series. Guts is a previous soldier of fortune who kills beasts and painful folks as needs be. He is changed into an impressive enemy and turns out to be almost phenomenal.
With the winged serpent slayer blade in his control, nothing is a counterpart for him. Despite the enormous length and gigantic weight, Guts handles his unique blade gracefully.
He slices anything he needs to in a simple swing. You can examine the underneath elements to be more exact. A daily existence measured imitation of Guts sword

  • Excellent hardened steel development
  • Double tone paintwork
  • Exquisite little subtleties
  • Wrapped handle for an agreeable hold
  • Strong metal watchman to help with the construction
  • Ideal for Anime Cosplay, gifts, assortment, and Guts fans.

Extraordinary things about Gut’s sword:
The sheer energy of Gut swinging it can tear anybody trapped in the assault influence into pieces with one swing; this frequently is applied to more than one foe on the double, cutting through different enemies in a solitary swing.

Berserk Gut kills Dragon with its sword:

The scandalous weapon from Berserk is quite possibly the mightiest sword at any point employed in the series, intended to separate mythical serpent skulls in two, while additionally being extraordinarily weighty and thick for any typical human to use.

From the get-go, the Dragon Slayer may very well seem, by all accounts, to be another conventional, monster blade with no story behind it.