Iron Lobe Pommel Viking Sword


  • Overall Length: 38 Inches
  • Blade Length: 30 Inches

(max file size 1 GB)

Product Description of Iron Lobe Pommel Viking Sword

  • Completely decorative
  • Features traditional lobed shape pommel
  • Handle has black leather texture
  • Adds Viking style to any collection and decor
  • Includes matching black scabbard


Like the weapon of a courageous and strong Norse champion, the” Iron Lobe Pommel” Viking Sword has a clear plan. Its subtleties, like its lobed Pommel and gatekeeper, are enlivened by history and matched with a carbon steel cutting edge. The handle of this embellishing Viking sword is made of solid metal with a cleaned steel tone on both the watchman and knob, the grasp enclosed by a dark cowhide material. Included is a coordinating dark cowhide casing with a steel tone throat and chape. Bring the could of a courageous Viking shieldmaiden or raiding Norse champion into your environmental factors with this beautiful Norse-enlivened blade.

The Viking sword remains as a significant remnant of the celebrated Viking Age, a demonstration of the outstanding craftsmanship and military ability of the Norse people groups. With its exceptional and striking plan, this sword catches both the useful greatness and the creative sensibilities that characterized Viking weaponry.

At the core of the sword charm is its namesake, the “Iron Lobe Pommel” a complicatedly formed pulverize including lobed portions that put it aside from regular Viking sword handles. This handle, fastidiously created from iron or another metal, exhibits the careful meticulousness that portrayed Viking craftsman. Not just fancy, the handle’s plan likewise holds viable importance, possibly improving the sword equilibrium and giving a solid grasp, fundamental credits for battle.

The cutting edge of the sword, fashioned from high-carbon steel, shows the combination of structure and capability. Its straight, twofold edged structure validates the Viking sword double nature — equipped for both dividing cuts and exact pushes. This adaptability on the war zone made the Viking sword a crucial instrument for the champions of the period.

Past its utilitarian ability, the swords handle presents a gatekeeper that shields the wielder’s hand during battle, combined with a grasp that could be designed from various materials, like wood or bone. This blend of materials mirrors the Vikings’ cleverness and versatility, making weapons that were successful and appropriate to their current circumstance.

The Viking sword, embellished with its logical enriching themes and permeated with the soul of the Vikings, resounds with the reverberations of a past period. It exemplifies the soul of experience, honor, and craftsmanship that characterized the Viking Age, and fills in as a substantial connection to a period of investigation, victory, and social trade.


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