Japanese Odachi Sword


  • This odachi is a sword out of legend
  • 45″ heat forged carbon steel blade
  • Powerful full-tang construction
  • Leather wrapped hardwood handle
  • Coordinating wooden scabbard
  • Overall length: 69″

Description of Japanese Odachi Sword:

This gigantic Japanese Odachi sword is an exceptional illustration of craftsmanship. The odachi was utilize on early Japanese front lines however its size before long consigned it to use as a military’s norm or as a proposing to the divine beings. Extending 69″ long with an intensity produced 45″ carbon steel cutting edge, this sword has a strong end to end length development. The hardwood handle is generally wrap with calfskin. A dark lacquered wooden sheath houses the cutting edge. This is an eminent thing, and, one you’ll need to add to your assortment.

The Japanese Odachi, a wonderful and venerate weapon, remains as a demonstration of the country’s rich military history. This stunning sword, known for its uncommon length and forcing presence. It has a cutting edge that reaches out a long ways past the normal katana. Estimating around 4 to 6 feet long, the Odachi’s rich ebb and flow and single-edged edge are carefully created, exhibiting the inventiveness of Japanese swordsmiths.

Fashioned with the goal to strike dread into foes and deserve front line admiration. The Odachi’s plan consolidates a drawn out handle that obliges two-gave using. This trademark grasp permits gifted champions to tackle the weapon’s extensive weight and energy. It conveying strong clearing hits with unparalleled accuracy.

The manufacturing system includes the combination of prevalent steel, cautiously layering hard and delicate materials. That make a sharp edge that adjusts strength and adaptability. The particular Hamon, the attitude line apparent along the edge, authenticates the sword’s outstanding craftsmanship.

Respected not just for its battle ability, the Odachi holds a social importance, representing the prudence of discipline and the commitment to dominance. That exemplifies the substance of Bushido – the samurai code. However rarely seen on the front line because of its size, the Odachi’s inheritance perseveres through its portrayal of Japan’s verifiable military legacy, encapsulating the combination of imaginativeness, expertise, and fearlessness in a solitary wonderful weapon.



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