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Kilgorin Sword of Darkness

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Total Length 38"
Blade Length: 29"
Handle Length: 9"
Free Wall Plaque
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Stainless Steel Blade With Silver Coated Finish
Weight: 1.08 KG

Regular Price: $185.00

Special Price: $66.19


Kilgorin Sword

Kit Rae Kilgorin Sword of Darkness has an inspiring story just as the other Swords of Ancients do. Conferring to the story: Before the development of mankind, the lords of steel, fire and flesh managed the world. These lords developed the men and wanted to posses them and be dominant over them. Thus, they ordered the dark elves to manufacture the Magical Swords. Each of the sword controlled distinct and unique powers and abilities. The Sword of Darkness was controlled by the master of the Shadows. The Lord wanted to be dominant over the whole humanity for which he started to murder numerous people. This sword has been in use of forces of good and evil for ages. No one ever became more dominant over this mighty sword. According to a saying, the controller other than the true lord of this sword will be tossed deep inside the endless darkness. To grab it, one must become ferocious, merciless, ruthless, dominant, and superior over all.

The pattern of the Kilgorin Sword is truly remarkable. The knob on the hilt is a skull with detailed figure and is manufactured with robust and heavy metal. The black handle just looks elegant, classy and provides a flowing grip. The admirable handling allows one to stroke and swing it easily. The guard is intensified with a classical design on it and has two pointed extensions. The sword is designed with a silver coated finish blade with a classy and stylish design on it. The blade has certain sharp tips on both sides. The total sword length is 38 inch with blade length to be exact 29 inch. Handle length is 9 inch while its weight is only 1.08 kg. It includes a plaque and a sheath made of leather. There is also a rare feature of this sword, and that is the thickening and slimming of the blade at certain points. This surely is a decorative piece to be kept in your home. Purchase this affordable clone Sword exclusively from Swords Kingdom to get astonishing discounts.

Latest edition of Kilgorin sword
Kit Rae popular fantasy artist and weapon designer has manufactured another high standard sword from his epic imagination tales. “The tale of swords of the ancients and other blades of power”. This is the latest edition of Kilgorin, the sword of darkness. Measuring 34.5 inch overall. This piece features a detailed and different cast metal knob of the hilt, guard and handle with ancient silver plated finish with gold tone in some areas. Black ivory grip is simulated at the hilt. The 25.5 inch blade is made with 420 js stainless steel with a silver coated finish.

Kit Rae Kilgorin Sword of Darkness
This sword is the sword of the dark one. Removed by the ancient ones. This sword is known to cause misery to the mortals. The clone is an original high standard sword of darkness. Characterizes of solid metal grip with selective gold plating and a 420 js stainless steel blade

Kilgorin- The Sword of Darkness
A great model of the Sword of Darkness, patterned by fantasy artist Kit Rae, characterizes fantasy-styled stainless steel blade with intense detailed scroll work and cast metal grips with an antique silver plated cover and gold-tone highlights. The blade is slim with a thickness of 5/32 inch and made of stainless steel with a black grip and silver blade. Each sword has inclusive of an 18″ x 24″ art print, Each particular piece is branded with the designer’s sign and inclusive of a fresh and recent chapter in The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients, engraved on parchment paper.

The Story in which Kilgorin sword is used
The dark one used the Kilgorin’s power to bring darkness and magic spells over his enemies. Acquires its strength from the sword which is now controlled by great evil many years ago. The clawed handle is carved with serpents and in the middle is a three eye creature. The knob is wrought in the likeness of an offensive face, said to be the Dark One himself.

This sword is one of the substitute models of the first two swords of ancients. The Swords of the Ancients is an account revealed in form of story, art, and steel. Immerse yourself in the 10,000 year imagination about the manufacture of Ammon, the Ancient Ones, the Blades of Power, and the numerous characters that happened in this massive tale of gods and mortals. This is all because of Kit’s imagination; weapons inclusive of a print of his fantastic artwork showing a scene from the tale and a history of the imagination behind each weapon.

This Unique piece is easily available on the sword kingdom’s website with a discounted rate you cannot resist. Many pieces are already sold out, grab it and get hold of this charming ornament.

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