Soul Eater Riku Sword by swordskingdom
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Kingdom Heart Sora Keyblade 39″
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Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Keyblade Replica

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Total Length: 40″

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Product Details:

  • Free Display Stand
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • The handle is wrapped with cord.
  • The Keybalde has a very accurate painting detail with a stencil.
  • Key Blade Weight: 2 KG

Oblivion Keyblade Replica Description:

The stunning Oblivion Keyblade Sword from the famous series has just arrived in stock. Customers demanded this Replica Sword for quite some time. The Oblivion is a keychain for the original collectable of Sora. This keychain can transform the ordinary blade into a more extensive and powerful collectable. Thus, the physical appearance of the Sword changes, and its attacks become powerful. This Keyblade reminds Sora of specific memories of his childhood friend Riku. Sora found it in a chest located in the Grand Hall.

It was the same place where he defeated Riku. After a long time, he reunites with his friend in the world of Organization XIII. Riku can also use the blade in the game series with the same powers at all. He can also upgrade it to Oblivion. Due to the characters and many collectables used in the Kingdom Hearts, it became one of the widely played gaming series of the world. The fans are very much crazy for Kingdom Hearts Collectibles. So, we are here to fulfil the demands of our beloved customers with the Oblivion Keyblade Replica.

Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Keyblade Replica is now available on our Swords Kingdom store under realistic details and affordable prices. It is a must-have keyblade for the Kingdom Hearts fans. Willing to know its specifications? They are available under this paragraph.

  • It has an overall length of 40”.
  • The colour of the collectable is a shade of grey accented with black patterns on it.
  • The size and shape of this Keyblade Sword are genuinely unique.
  • The detail of its painting is well précised, and quality stainless steel is used in manufacturing.
  • The blade is non-sharp as it is a decorative sword.
  • The handhold has wrapped leather to provide a smooth grip.
  • The shape of the handle relates to wings of a bat and is highly ornamental.
  • Its total weight is 2KG.

Such characteristics make this Replica distinct from other Keyblades seen in the series. It is a perfect Replica to be hanging on the wall or to present someone as a gift. Grab this Cheap Sword did. Do not worry about the delivery, as we make shipments worldwide with small charges at all. You can further purchase Sora Fatal Crest Keyblade or Sora Fenrir Keyblade Replica from our store.

Can I buy Oblivion Replica Keyblade in bulk?

Yes, you can buy as per your needs.

Is it a real keyblade from Kingdom Hearts?

No, it is a replica Oblivion Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts.

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges depend upon your selected locations.

Weight 4 kg

1 review for Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Keyblade Replica

  1. Vince

    Price is bit high, but very impressive product. Highly Recommended.

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