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Sora Fenrir Keyblade replica Sword for Sale
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Kingdom Hearts Sleeping Lion Keyblade

Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $66.37.

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Overall Length: 39″

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Product Details:

  • Blade length: 22.5″
  • Handle: 16.5″
  • Gunmetal Gray
  • Free Display Stand
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction
  • Keyblade Weight: 2 KG

Kingdom Hearts Sleeping Lion Keyblade Description:

Are you a devoted fan of the Kingdom Hearts series? If so, dive into the enchanting world with the Sleeping Lion Keyblade, a captivating sword renowned for its appealing design and fascinating backstory. Originally wielded by Squall Leonheart, the twenty-five-year-old warrior from the Final Fantasy series, this blade resembles Squall’s Lionheart Sword.

A Tale of Passing Strength: Squall to Sora

Squall, recognizing the potential of the blade, passed it on to Sora, a young warrior destined to face formidable adversaries in the realm of Space Paranoids. Thus, Sora became the master of the powerful Sleeping Lion, utilizing its might in the most effective manner.

Empowered Abilities and Formidable Combos

The Sleeping Lion Keyblade boasts enhanced strength and magical capabilities, enabling the wielder to unleash powerful attacks even after a combo. As Sora and his friends engage in battles against Heartless to protect their planets, the Sleeping Lion becomes an indispensable weapon in their quest.

Your Gateway to the Kingdom Hearts Universe

Ready to bring this fantastic-styled keyblade into your collection? Swords Kingdom is here to make it happen. Explore our store and acquire this masterpiece at a discounted price, complete with realistic details that capture the essence of the original design. If you’re interested in other Keyblades from the Kingdom Hearts series, check out our FAQ section for more options.

Make Your Christmas Magical

This holiday season, elevate your collection and make your Christmas extra special with the Sleeping Lion Keyblade. Unleash the magic and embark on a journey through the Kingdom Hearts universe with this finely crafted and balanced Sora Keyblade.

Specifications of the Kingdom Hearts Sleeping Lion Keyblade

Delve into the details of this expertly crafted keyblade. The Sleeping Lion Keyblade, known for its balanced and stylish design, mirrors the one carried by the iconic character, Sora. Revel in the artistry of swordsmith skills encapsulated in this captivating piece that brings the Kingdom Hearts universe to life.

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Is it a real Sleeping Lion Keyblade?

No, it is Sleeping Lion Replica Keyblade.

What are the shipping charges?

The shipping charges depend on your selected locations. It varies location-wise.

Is it made up of steel?

Yes, the whole keyblade is made up of steel.
Weight 4 kg

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  1. Archer

    I would like to put a full 5 stars review because the order is exactly the same I ordered. it’s perfect and great prop quality, fast shipping, and packaged well. Thank you very much

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