Sora Fatal Crest Keyblade

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Overall Length: 37"
Blade is made of stainless steel and the handle is zinc.
Free Display Stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.60 KG


Sora Fatal Crest Keyblade
The very famous Sora Fatal Crest Keyblade Replica is now in our store for our beloved fans. After the accomplishment of The Goddess of Fate Cup in the game the player attains this Fatal Crest Keyblade. It is designed with metallic detailing giving it the look of almost the real one. Abeyance Keyblade Replica lets Sora to carry out infinite Combo chaining with raised power and fascination and increases the power during MP charge. Therefore, it exhibits a tricky way to collapse powerful enemies with easiness. The Invisible Keyblade cripples the shuttering move at the edge of the Combo, but still an influential blade. In order to save the worlds when Sora fights along with his friends with the dark forces, this Keyblade appears for the first time in the video game. Fatal Crest Keyblade replica is a highly decorative item to be kept in the house to enhance glamour.

Product details:
We are presenting Fatal Crest Keyblade Sword Replica from the famous video-game “Kingdom Hearts”. You might have just played this weapon in the game but now you can purchase this Ornamental weapon and own it as yours. We sell out fast; avoiding waste of time. Some of the best features of this sword include these:
• Fatal Crest Sword has overall length of 37-inches, featuring an extraordinary physical appearance of a curved neck as that of a dragon.
• The length of the blade is 28.5-inches.
• The four smoothened blades are in the shape of skeletal dragon having a curved neck and frightening teeth.
• This Sword is purely made of stainless steel and has a fastened chain of Hades cup Token.
• Handle Material and head of the dragon in Fatal Crest
Sword is made with Zinc, portraying the landmark of Underworld.
• Weight of Fatal Crest Sword is 1.60 Kg.
• Our purely ornamental product offers an attractive display stand made up of wood also. It can be used as an art and collectable decor item for wall hanging.
Purchase the most demanding Keyblade Replicas from our Online Swords Store at Cheap prices.

The weapon, Fatal Crest Keyblade belongs to Sora, the original character of the Square Enix’s games series “The Kingdom Hearts”, introduced firstly in 2002. The protagonist and the fictional teenage character of the series, Sora, was created by Tetsuya Nomura, the director also. This character was directly controlled by the player in the majority games. According to Nomura, the Japanese word for Sky is “Sora”, so in English Sora can be called as “Sky”.
Sora is portrayed as a cheery teenager living with his best friends Riku and Kairi in the Destiny Islands since childhood. The creatures known as “Heartless” separate these friends when they plan a journey to explore the other worlds. The weapon called Keyblade is obtained by Sora while fighting against them at Olympus Coliseum after clearing the Goddess of Fate Cup. Sora searched for his friends while on the recruiting journey with Donald Duck and Goofy across various worlds to patronage King Mickey. On this journey the worlds they go through are protected by this trio from harmful villains. In other games from the series Sora is found making supporting appearances and reiterated his role in manga and light novel modifications of the games.
Due to his warm and adventurous personality, Sora had received positive critical response in general. His appearance in Kingdom Hearts II has received praise due to his personal and martial growth. Moreover in various video games character popularity polls Sora is Highly-Ranked.
Formerly known as Square, Square Enix developed and published a series of action role-playing games, Kingdom Hearts. It is the result of alliance ‘tween Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. Kingdom Hearts is a point of crossing from one side to the other of various Disney settings stationed in a universe made particularly for the series. The characters in the series are a mixture of familiar Disney, The World Ends with You and Final Fantasy characters along with several other new characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura. Furthermore, the Disney characters’ official voice actors are the all-star voice cast.
The series is based on Sora’s hunt for his friends and his concurrence with numerous Disney and Final Fantasy characters during the journey. Primarily, players of the game control Sora, though there are various characters that intermix into Sora’s party as computer controlled joiners. The larger list of the characters was introduced in the earliest game Kingdom Hearts. Consequential installments inclusive of Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, 358/2 Days, and Birth by Sleep summarized assorted newest original, Disney and Final Fantasy characters as long as the most recent game Dream Drop Distance brings out handful of characters from Square Enix’s The World Ends with You.

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