Kingdom of Heaven Ibelin Sword

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Overall Length with Scabbard: 48.5"
Total Length: 42.5"
Blade Length: 33.5"
Handle Length: 9"
Free Wooden Stand / Plaque
Free Wooden Scabbard
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 2.10 kg

Regular Price: $287.00

Special Price: $76.92


Kingdom Of Heaven Sword
Total length of this ibelin sword is 42.5 inches. The overall length of this sword is including scabbard is 48.5 inches. Length of its blade is 33.5 inches and the length of its handle is 9 inches. This is a very heavy sword and its length is about 2.10 kilograms. It comes with a leather sheath, which makes it a very beautiful sword and the wooden stand is also offered by some of the dealers. If you buy this ibelin sword from a good dealer, you will get much discount on more than one sword. You will also have the guarantee that the sword you buy is original. Stainless steel is used in its blade and its quality is very good. Stainless steel helps to prevent sword from any type of rust. Its original price is around 100 dollars, but some of the good dealer offer and this sword at very low rate and a discount of about 50 percent are offered. The handle is made of good material, sometimes leather, which makes Kingdom of Heaven Sword look a very good item.

Finally this Kingdom of Heaven Sword is available in the market and you can easily get this sword by ordering online and you can also get pay shipping charges and order the item from a different country. This ibelin sword belongs to the famous character Balian of Ibelin. It is from a very famous movie. This movie shows how Balian tries to remove the worries of the city and how he tries to help them. He helped the citizens in many ways. He stood for their cause and also helps them getting their rights. He was very poor in the beginning and was a blacksmith. He also lost his wife and child. Later he became very worried and also was disappointed by his villagers. Then he moved towards Jerusalem and the city was already under the state of war. He believed that the people there has no reason to fight but are mainly misguided and he thought that their issue can be easily solved only if the people talk each other. He helped a lot to save the people from dying and he also tried to stop the war. He also fell in love with a girl and later, he became the leader of that city. Later, Godfrey entered the city and proclaimed that he is the father of Balian. He taught him many things in life. He also taught him the real purpose of life. He also visited many continents for the cause of peace along with his father. He stood for the poor against the rich and wealthy people. If you would like to gather the details of the real sword, you can get them from the movie. The sword combines in it very unique and different patterns and is made of very unique materials. Heavy metal is used in the making of several parts of the balian sword which include the cross guard of the sword, the hilt as well as the pommel. The pommel has a very beautiful design i.e. there are four small circles in it and a Christian cross and there is some empty space in the centre of it. It has a circular shape. The hilt has beautiful décor on it as an eye candy and to add to the value of the sword. There is a ripple like effect on the curved guard of the sword. Right in the middle of the blade, there is some space that has been carved out very precisely and in a beautiful manner. All these features are to make sure that the sword, while a deadly weapon, Kingdom of Heaven Sword is beautiful as well. So, if you are interested in it, you better place your order as soon as you can so that you can take benefit of the discount scheme. Ordering now can get you some substantial discounts.

Precautionary Measures
Always buy this balian of ibelin sword from an authorized dealer. If you want to start your sword training using this balian of ibelin sword you should make sure you first start using wooden replica sword and then after some period of time, you can easily shift to the original one. Wear gloves on your hands on order to protect any type of injury and train under instructions from a good trainer or teacher. Make sure, that the place where you are training is very large otherwise you may break items or may hurt someone. Read the instructions carefully and follow them accordingly. Do not let the children near the balian sword as not only, it is also very heavy for the children to handle. So, keep yourself safe and your children safe while you enjoy using the Kingdom of Heaven Sword.

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