Kit Rae Avoloch Sword of Enetha Dark Edition


  • The sword is a massive 43 3/4″ in overall length and a certificate of authenticity and a custom art print are included with it
  • For collectors of Kit Rae’s incredible fantasy sword collection, the Avoloch Sword of Enetha Dark Edition is a must-have
  • The fantasy sword has a 24 1/2” stainless steel, display-edged blade is engraved with runes, and it has a dark steel finish
  • The handle grip and blade grip are wrapped in genuine maroon leather and the hilt and guard are finely detailed metal

Introducing the Kit Rae Avoloch Sword of Enetha Dark Edition, a masterpiece of fantasy weaponry that will transport you to a realm of mystique and wonder. Crafted with unparalleled artistry and attention to detail, this dark edition of the Avoloch Sword is a true collector’s dream and a remarkable addition to any fantasy enthusiast’s arsenal.

The Kit Rae Avoloch Sword of Enetha Dark Edition isn’t just a decorative piece; it’s a gateway to your wildest fantasies and epic adventures. Whether you’re an avid collector or an imaginative role-player, this sword will be the centerpiece of your journey into the realms of magic and myth.

Experience the allure of Enetha’s ancient legends with the Avoloch Sword of Enetha Dark Edition. With its enchanting design, premium materials, and unparalleled craftsmanship, this sword stands as a testament to the mystical allure of the fantasy genre. Unleash your inner hero and wield the Avoloch Sword, for it is more than just a blade; it’s a portal to the fantastical world of Kit Rae’s imagination.

The newest in the Swords of the Ancients collection! Avoloch is the sword of Enethia, and its name translates to “soldier of steel”. It was forged by the dark elf Tethietol, in the Swords of the Ancients mythology. The side blade is engraved with “Avoloch will yield to none but truth”, in Anglecal runes. This special edition of the Avoloch features a hilt crafted with finely detailed, dark iron finished metal parts, and a maroon leather wrapped handle grip and blade grip. The three 420 stainless steel blades (false-edged) feature a dark steel finish and engraved runes. Includes a certificate of authenticity and custom art print.



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