Tewkesbury Medieval Sword of Middle ages
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Black Baron Sword of Power
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Knights Honor Cross Crusader Sword

Original price was: $230.00.Current price is: $62.34.

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Overall Length: 41″

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Product Details:

Stainless Steel Blade
Blade Length: 31.5″
Handle Length: 9.5″
Blade Finish: Chrome Polished
Double-Sided Blade
Handle Material: Wooden grip,
Guard Material: Gold plated
Pommel: Gold plated
Free Display Stand

Description for Knights Honor Cross Crusader Sword:

In the European Middle Ages, a sword categorizes into a Knightly sword or arming sword. It is a straight double-edge prop that highly recommended for Knights Templar honor. The great medieval swords developed gradually from the Viking sword to the modern sword. The monarch uses a knighting sword in the investiture ceremony. It is in honor of a person to give an accolade and become a knight. This sword used by the British Queen Elizabeth II. It is the sword that she takes from her father, George Vi.

The image of the Knight and his sword will live forever through the sagas and tales of heroism during the Crusades (1096-1291), and it is easy to see why these swords were highly valued and handed down from generation to generation. Our exclusive heirloom-quality Crusaders sword is a well balanced and striking example of beauty in design! It comes with a new style of leather sheath. The stylish guard is made of cast solid brass, as is the beautiful octagon pommel depicting the symbol of God: The Crusaders Cross! The handle is made out of rosewood. This is a Shop/Medieval Swords collector’s dream sword.

  • Knight Honor Cross Crusader Sword is a replica sword.
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The total length of the Cross Crusader Sword replica is 41 inches.
  • The total length includes 31.5 inches blade length, and 9.5 inches handle length.
  • You will get a display stand free.
  • The pommel and guard material is gold plated.
  • The grip of the handle is made of wood.
  • The Knight Honor Sword is the best sword for your home honor.

If you want to buy Knight Honor Cross Crusader Sword at an affordable price, then order now and get it on your doorstep within just 3 to 5 working days. You can further purchase Knights Cross Replica Sword or Marto Knights Templar Masons Damascus Sword.

Can I get a sharpen blade?

Yes, you can get a sharpen blade but you will pay $5 extra charges.

Which things come free with the Gladiator Sword?

Only a display stand comes free with the Uruk-hai Scimitar Sword.

How much do I have to pay for shipping at my doorstep?

Shipping charges depend on your location.
Weight 4 kg

1 review for Knights Honor Cross Crusader Sword

  1. jacob

    I buy it for my home decoration and I feel the honor to see it in my collections. Thank you very much

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