Japanese Odachi Sword
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Shinwa Silksting Handmade Shirasaya -Samurai Sword
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Kojiro Crimson Katana And Scabbard

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  • Overall Length 41″
  • 28”, 1045 carbon steel blade

Description of Kojiro Crimson Katana And Scabbard:

A Kojiro katana is an utterly durable and dependable blade that can withstand pressures that other swords might be unable to do so without breaking. Whether you’re an experienced collector or a novice sword owner, the Crimson Katana offers quality and value that go well beyond the asking price. The 28″ 1045 carbon steel blade of the full-tang, razor-sharp sword extends from a habaki made of polished brass. The mahogany handle has a beautifully crafted metal tsuba and is customarily wrapped in faux rayskin and red cord. The 41″-long katana fits easily into a hardwood scabbard with a black lacquer finish and crimson cord-wrap accents.

Presenting the Kojiro Crimson Katana and Scabbard – an exemplification of influence, tastefulness, and rich authentic motivation. Fastidiously created, this katana gives recognition to the incredible fighter Sasaki Kojiro, mixing conventional craftsmanship with contemporary plan to offer a genuinely remarkable piece for gatherers and combative techniques fans the same.

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The cutting edge of the Kojiro Crimson Katana is manufacture from high-carbon steel, masterfully design to accomplish the ideal harmony among sharpness and versatility. Its blood red shade is a sign of approval for the katana’s namesake, repeating the furious and decided soul of Sasaki Kojiro. The sharp edge’s bend, edge calculation, and hamon are carefully intend to guarantee ideal cutting execution while keeping a demeanor of credibility.

The tsuba (watch) of the katana is complicatedly enhance with complex itemizing, including a portrayal of the renown duel between Sasaki Kojiro and Miyamoto Musashi. The handle is enclose by certified beam skin and dark red silk ito, giving both a solid grasp and a dash of refinement. The knob is intend for balance, upgrading the general taking care of and mobility of the katana.

Finishing the outfit is the casing, fastidiously hand tailored from wood and covered with a rich red polish completion. The sheath offers insurance as well as goes about as a striking visual differentiation to the cleaned sharp edge, making the Kojiro Crimson Katana a genuine show-stopper. Whether showed with veneration or used with accuracy, this katana encapsulates its incredible motivation and grandstands the combination of custom and present day craftsmanship.



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