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Legend of the Seeker Sword of Truth V1

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Total Length: 41.5"
Blade Length: 29"
Handle Length: 12.5"
Itched blade and color filled design
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Free Display Stand
Free Leather Sheath
Weight: 1.55 KG

Regular Price: $145.00

Special Price: $84.66


Legend of the Seeker Sword- A stunning piece to own
Legend of the Seeker comes from a well-known TV show called ‘Legend of the Seeker’. On its own, the sword does not have much importance and the only reason for the popularity of the seeker sword is because of the TV series. Since the TV series holds so much importance where the sword is concerned, here is some info about it:
Legend of the Seeker (TV Show):
It is a television show which is based on the novels which are called ‘The Sword of Truth’ by Terry Goodkind. So, you can say that the novel and the TV series are mostly about the sword. This show was produced by ABC Studios being it the first venture into broadcast syndication. The executive producers at that time were Joshua Donen, Kenneth Biller, Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi and Ned Nalle. November 1st, 2008 is the day when the show first premiered. It ran for two seasons and then got cancelled in 2010.

Similar to the books, the series follows the journey of Richard Cypher, a wizard named Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, a confessor named Kahlan Amnell and a warrior called as Cara. In their journey, they defend the people of their monarchy against destruction and tyranny. The story in the TV series is different from the one in the books.

In the TV series, the story takes place in the same world which was created by the author in the books; The Sword of Truth. The three main provinces are the Midlands, Westland and D’Hara. There is a magical boundary separating Westland and Midlands. The boundary was created so that no magic can enter Westland. D’Hara is on the other side of the Midlands and is ruled by Darken Rahl. Seekers are escorted by a Wizard which belongs to the First Order and Confessors. It is a group of an ancient order of woman who supervise the prosperity of the people of the Seeker and the Midlands.

The first season of this TV series is mostly based on the first book ‘Wizards First Rule’ from The Sword of Truth series. There are some stories in the show, which feature characters and events not met by the book, while some other stories roughly are based on the events from the book. The story spins off after Darken Rahl’s army has invaded the Midlands. A confessor, Kahlan Amnell endeavors into the Westland searching for a wizard and the Seeker who has been predicted to defeat Rahl.

Kahlan finds Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (the wizard) and Richard Cypher (the seeker), who has no option but to accept a destiny which he never thought about. Together, the three seek out to defeat Darken Rahl. The second season is based a little on the second book in the series known as ‘Stone of Tears’. In this season we see that Richard, Zeddicus and Kahlan discover that their mission during the first season has unintentionally caused them to help the Keeper of the underworld make tears in the veil that separates the land of the living from the world of the dead. Now, the new quest in this season is to locate the Stone of Tears, seal the tear between the two worlds and after that defeat the Keeper. During this quest, they are joined by Cara, who is their former enemy.

Legend of the Seeker Sword:
This sword played an important part in the TV series, and it was only after the show aired that people went crazy for it. The total length of the sword is 41.5 inches and the blade length is 29 inches. It weighs around 1.55 Kg and the handle length is 12.5 inches. If you love the TV show or the book series, you need to have this sword, since it has significant importance to the book and the TV show.

If you see a movie or TV show where some kind of sword is featured, you can bet your money that a replica will be coming out soon. If you look at it, it is not a bad thing for thing for the industry since sales from online swords are much more than you can think of. In fact, after the Lord of the Rings movie, the online sales of swords went crazy. This way not only the website profits, but all those true sword enthusiasts are satisfied as well.

The Legend of the Seeker sword is truly a stunning display piece and it looks exactly like the one shown on TV. Some people might look at it as ‘just a sword’ but those who watch the TV show with great interest, those are the people who know the swords true value.

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