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Legend Of The Seeker Sword V2

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Total Length: 41.5"
Blade Length: 29"
Handle Length: 12.5"
Printed Design
Free Display Stand
Free Leather Sheath
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.55 KG

Regular Price: $265.00

Special Price: $87.73


Legend of the Seeker Sword V2
Now available is the magical sword seen in the Legend of Seeker that is based on the award winning Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. The sword is seen to be used by the main character in the series, Richard Cypher who is the master of the D’Haran Empire. He is the first war wizard to have been over thousands of years and is seen to posses the Sword of Truth and hence be known as the Seeker of Truth. The sword is a beautiful and illustrious shiny diamond shaped blade made of the finest materials. The crossguard and blade of the sword are long with engravings on them. The engravings consist of symbols and ‘ancient’ writings as seen in the series.

Details of the Product:
The much real like replica of the Sword of Truth seen in the Legend of Seeker series is available at our store now. Indeed a collector’s sword that is both fancy and magical in its own ways with the beautiful yet simple design of the sword, you simply must have it! The sword has the following specifications:

• The long sword extends to up to 41.5 inches long with a large handle and pommel.
• The fancy blade is up to 29 inches long. Made of stainless steel, the blade has the original engravings as seen from the series.
• The length of the handle of the sword is 12.5 inches, the crossguard and pommel are large with engravings on the crossguard and pommel shaped like a king figure of chess.
• The handle of the blade is striped with blue and white leather.
• The sword is light weighted and allows for easy handling with a mere weight of 1.55 kg for this large blade. Accompanied with a blue scabbard to ensure you have the complete package!

The Legend of the Seeker series that first aired in November 2008 based on the novel series of the Sword of Truth is an eye catching show based on the main characters of the hero Richard Cypher and the villain Darken Rahl. However, different from the original novel series, the Legend of the Seeker keeps its main features and conflicts. Despite this, many believe that the television series is essentially an entirely different story and there is no direct comparison with the novels.

The main characters in the series are:
• Richard Cypher, a young wizard who is destined to be the Seeker that defeats Darken Rahl and wields the Sword of Truth.
• Kahlan Amnell, the mother confessor of all the Midlands and skilled dagger fighter having a high degree of martial powers, she can fight multiple opponents at the same time.
• Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander also known as Zed, a first order wizard who once led the victory for Midland against Darken Rahl’s father and who leads Richard and Kahlan in their quest to defeat Darken Rahl.
• Darken Rahl, the rule of D’Hara and an agent of the Keeper of the underworld and a wizard able to do both Subtractive and Additive magic. In the television series, he is also shown as the half brother of Richard Cypher.

In the television series, Legend of the Seeker, the show starts with the invasion into the Midlands by Darken Rahl, the main villain’s army. To defeat the armies of the Darken Rahl and restore peace and harmony to the place, Kahlan Amnell makes a difficult and dangerous journey to the Westlands to find the Seeker and the wizard. It is expected that the war wizard would be able to defeat Rahl’s army once and for all. In her search, Kahlan finds Richard Cypher who is a young man at the man and is expected to except his new destiny as the Seeker who would defeat Rahl and his army. In the first season, Darken Rahl is not known to have any magical abilities and is seen to keep a number of wizards and sorcerers that do the magic for him. In their quest, they help the Keeper of the underworld to tear the veil that would split the world of the living from the world of the dead not knowing the consequences.

The second season of the television series that began in November 2009 is based on the second novel of Terry’s series named Stone of Tears. The story continues from the first season where Kahlan and Richard accompanied by a wizard of the first order, Zeddicus seek to find Darken Rahl and defeat him once and for all. In their journey, they end up in the world of death. In the second season, to escape from the brutal world they find themselves in, the trio seeks to find the Stone of Tears that seals the tears of both the worlds in order to defeat the Keeper and return to the world of the living. Cara, once an enemy of the good side, joins them in their quest to defeat the Keeper.

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Beautiful Sword. So happy to add it to my collection
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Best quality at best price. The service was actually above my expectations. The sword arrived perfect.


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