Link Master Shield With 2 Swords

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1-Overall Length: 46"
Blade Length: 35"
Handle Length: 11"

2-Overall Length: 42"
Blade Length: 29"
Handle Length: 13"

Total Length: 25"
Free two display stands
Handle Material: Metal
Shield has two slots for placing the swords

Regular Price: $289.00

Special Price: $133.33


Link Master Shield with 2 Swords
This time the Legend of Zelda has come up with a great package which includes both the Zelda Hylian shield and Link Master Swords together. This perfect Zelda deal is at a very reasonable price with impressive combination of Zelda shield and two swords. The deal features a reduce size Zelda Hylian Triforce Shield and Zelda Twilight Link Master Swords in order to accommodate a better display piece. The combination is perfect to showcase at your home and office at a jaw dropping price.
The combo package that features shield is made up of resin which keeps it very sturdy and durable. The shield is well detailed and well equipped with all its mechanics. Moreover the two Link swords, crisscrossing each other is made up of a resin handle and steel stainless blade.
Appearances and History of Origin:

The Hylian Shield:
The Hylian Shield is the most common shield used by Link and the knights of Hyrule in 3D Zelda games. However,the Hylian Shield has not changed much in the Zelda games. Describing the all over appearance of the Hylian shield, it features a symbol of Triforce and a red Hylian Crest with the Crimson Loftwing helping Link in wars. Firstly, the Hylian Shield was a classic shield guarded by Lanayru, the Thunder Dragon.In Ocarina of Time, Link as a child, can either purchase or found the Hylian Shield. More like a turtle’s shell, Hylian Shield is very huge for Link to carry on his functions and arm. In Death Mountain, a visit to Great Fairy made the use of Hylian Shield more necessary to survive.

The Master Sword:
The Blade of Devil’s Bane which is commonly known as the Master sword in the Wind Waker’s legend lies beneath Hyrule Castle’s hidden chamber. It is the most reappering classical sword in the series of Zelda. Hylia, the Goddess Sword is said to be the original creator of the sword which was later on replicate by Goddess’s selected hero, Fi into the Master Sword.
The Master sword sacred blade was used as a key to seal the Ganondorf’s magic which keeps the Hyrule Castle freeze in time with all those inhabit there. Moreover, the Master Sword’s serves as a lock evil which is broken when Link, a young soul draws the blade according to the direction of the King of Red Lions. However, he accidentally stimulates Ganondorf’s army from that of their old catnap and also helped Gabon to make his magic again in use.
Since Ganon assassinate the Sages of Earth and Wind, Link learns that the Laruto and Fado, the Master Sword’s edge has weakened and its power to fight with evil has rusted.But, in order to regain the lost power, Link should awake the two new Sages. The Sages are necessary to pray to the Gods to keep it glowing and restore it with the power to fight against evil.
However, Link manages to awaken the new Sages of Wind and Earth and the sword was fully restored to glow allowing Link to shatter the magical hindrance in Hyrule.

Design, Characteristics and Abilities:
The Hylian Shield:
The Hylian Shield is a well balanced attribute for Link which has accompanied him in many of his adventures and repeatedly saved Hyrule from the power of evil. The journey of Link is no less gloomy and once again he went to wars fully equipped with his arms to some another country.
This sword stimulate on snow head from the Mountain village by the blacksmith. Therefore, the blacksmith is recognized by his perfection.

The Master Sword:
The Master Sword was introduced first in artworks, Link to the Past. Firstly, the sword grip was red and furthers its guard as yellow. The pedestal has a purple grip and blue guard. The Ocarina of Time defined the most conventional appearance of the sword featuring the purple grip as well as purple guard. The most known ability of the Master sword is to control the power of evil and break the curses of black yet dark and powerful magic. The evil possessing the Triforce also cannot resist the power of this sword. Only the true hero capable of pure heart and strong body can resist this sacred blade.
However, this is an ultimate display package boxed in one package so you can give a treat to yourself with these fantasy Zelda shield and Swords. This will be a very classy and impressive piece to converse among your friends and family.

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