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The Legend of Zelda Swords
Legend of Zelda is a legendary series having sold over 67million copies. It has been released over 15 titles (and many more spin offs) across all Nintendo console releases. This is one of the highest acclaimed game series having pioneered many new game features that were to become industry standards. On this page, you can buy Zelda Swords while seeing all of their versions.

The History and Background:
We have stunning versions of Legend of Zelda Swords that can’t be found anywhere else. Legend of Zelda, having evolved over the course of 28 years, is a mixture of action, adventure and puzzle solving. It is one of the Nintendo’s most prominent and popular franchises and its gameplay and evolution has been well supported by the fans. Industry critics look back and they see players growing with each iterative release of the game. Due to critically acclaimed success, fans demand for legend of zelda swords.

Each of our Zelda Swords has a unique look and feature. Upon release The Legend of Zelda’s gameplay defied categorization, instead it ventured wild integrating elements from adventure games, role-playing games, and puzzle games into what was primarily an action game. The game begins with an overhead perspective of Link, bare handed, equipped with a small shield. These core elements have remained constant, but the refinements and additional features in each new game kept the game evolving. Each game has zelda sword and shield that is used by the main character. Later games grew on stealth gameplay exploration and side plays. Even though the games can be dominated with minimal amount of exploration and side quests, the player is rewarded well with useful items and high powered weapons. Some standard items appear throughout the series such as bombs which can be used as means to blow up blockades; or deadly weapons. Other items like keys, maps, compasses and magic swords are unique to each version of the game. Furthermore, the legend of zelda sword and shield are quite famous in Europe and America.

The Legend of Zelda series:
In the series, legend of zelda sword is primary weapon of link. The series is based around link, a small man, the only playable character for majority of the series. Link is often charged with the task of rescuing princes Zelda and Hyrule and Ganondorf ala Mario – on a much grander scale, and with magic! Gerudo (a thief) is the primary antagonist of the series. However, other antagonists and settings have appeared across the series, a strong secondary antagonist being Vaati (especially during Game boy Advance days). The stories universally involve Triforce, a set of three omnipotent golden triangles, a relic. Interestingly, the protagonist in each version of the game is not the same Link. It’s a different incarnation of him. Exceptions do exist, Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time for example where same Link is portrayed.

Miyamoto’s team headed game development of both major game series for Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. They worked hard to separate the ideas and drew the line at what both platforms will be. Super Mario Bros. would be developed as a linear gameplay, where the action would follow a planned sequence of ideas. Legend of Zelda however was planned to be polar opposite. Zelda was made non-linear and forced the players to think about what they should do, where they should go.

With Zelda, Miyamoto wanted to take the idea of a game “world” even further, giving players a “miniature garden that they can put inside their drawer.” He emulated his childhood experiences of going out trekking and getting lost in an adventure without a map in Zelda’s labyrinthine dungeons. The success and accolades can be measured by the reach Legend of Zelda has achieved as a platform. Growing out from games and spin-offs, an American animated series aired in 1989 based on the series, and individual manga adaptions were officially endorsed and commissioned by Nintendo Japan. Alongside the growth and evolution of the game, what has kept the fans so entangled with the series is the quality of growth. Game pioneered industry setting features after feature and its versions continued to be rated very highly across multiple – enthusiast hailed -review sites.

The Legend of Zelda Swords and series has received exemplary levels of approbation from critics and the public. Zelda is one of the handful of series with multiple perfect scores; Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker and Skyward Sword have each received a flawless 40/40 score (10/10 by four reviewers) – Japanese Famitsu magazine. Citing its Metacritic score of 99 out of 100, Guinness World Records recognized Ocarina of Time as the highest-rated video game in history!

In light on these reviews it can be easily declared that Legend of Zelda is one of the bestselling and best made games ever, that threw most role playing games. The game holds an iconic status and has been formed into a brand that is globally acclaimed. The Legend of Zelda has also become a lifestyle, with people opting for stationary, gadgets, toys, fashion items, garments and even household products themed on the series. Fewer games have enjoyed success at this level, with thousands of blogs, web pages, social website pages and forums dedicated to it, with players restlessly discussing their moves, stages and progress. The animated series has also been a hit across countries and has further gained worldwide attention and affection of masses. We hope you’ll love every Legend of Zelda Sword on this page. Pick one that attracts you.

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