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Lobed Pommel Viking Sword

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  • Overall Length: 36.5 Inches

The Lobed Pommel Viking Sword is a captivating testament to the artistic and functional excellence of Viking weaponry. Characterized by its distinct pommel shape, this sword offers a unique blend of design and combat utility.

The blade of the Lobed Pommel Viking Sword boasts the fine craftsmanship typical of its era. Its edge is honed to a keen sharpness, capable of delivering powerful cuts and thrusts in battle. The fuller, a groove along the blade, enhances its strength and balance, while the blade’s length allows for versatility in combat techniques.

However, it is the pommel that truly sets this sword apart. The lobed pommel, often resembling a rounded, multi-lobed shape, adds not only visual appeal but also practical balance to the weapon. This distinctive feature grants the wielder better control and precision during strikes.

The hilt of the Lobed Pommel Viking Sword includes a crossguard, or quillons, which serves as both protection for the hand and an element of design. The grip, frequently wrapped in leather, ensures a secure hold, even in the heat of battle.

This sword not only embodies Viking craftsmanship but also reflects the artistic inclinations of the Norse people. The Lobed Pommel Viking Sword is a fusion of form and function, illustrating how even a utilitarian tool could be elevated to a work of art in the hands of skilled Viking artisans.


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