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Overall Length: 70"
Hard Crystal Ball
Two Piece metal shaft Screws together
Black finished Metal construction
Free Display Stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
Weight: 1.18 KG



Saruman and Gandalf were friends and both of them were lotr wizards. They both had staff but the Saruman’s staff is much powerful with great authority. The Saruman staff is considered to be the symbol of Istari’s status and is a more powerful staff than Gandalf’s. Actually, the Saruman staff was created for The Hobbit trilogy.

Later on, the Gandalf and Saruman fought with each other because the Gandalf refused to go on to the side of Sauron. The Gandalf sided with Frodo and this thing caused the battle between them.


    • The overall length of this lotr Saruman staff is 70 inches.
    • It is a massive Saruman staff, and its weight is about 1.18 kilograms.
    • The product is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel.
    • You will get a free display stand with it.
    • It also has a crystal shiny ball in it.
    • Metal is polished with black color, which makes it look perfect and very unique sword.
    • This Saruman staff of Saruman consists of two parts, and these two parts are connected with the help of screws.
    • It can also be used as a decoration piece and is a perfect sword as well and shows the magical staff.
    • Unlike ordinary staff, this staff is lovely, and children buy this sword, as the movie inspired them.
    • You will also get a very discount if you buy more than one item.
    • You can get cheap product, but there is not a compromise on the quality of the products.
    • Many dealers offer this Saruman staff replica with free home delivery if you live within that town. If you are not living in the same country as the dealer, you can also order online and pay shipping charges.


Saruman was with the evil forces in the movie Lord Of The Rings, and he helped Sauron take back his ring. He also made a force of creatures, which he used for his purposes. He was a friend of Gandalf, but after that, he asked him to join with Sauron, but Gandalf refused and sided with Frodo. After that, they also fought in the movie; they both are wizards, so they raised their staffs and fought each other. The staff of Saruman was outstanding and was also considered very powerful. He also used many birds for spying and even killed many innocents.

Saruman staff was a mighty sword, and crystal on this Saruman staff was too mighty. He used to talk it to the evil lord Sauron. Gandalf, who was his enemy, also had a staff. Gandalf the White was mighty, and he went to defeat Saruman. But he was stabbed by one of his fellows. Saruman lived in a magnificent and high palace. He used it to make strategies there and also used some of its places for battle purposes. He made an army of Orcs, who was very skilled and just followed the order of Saruman. Saruman also helped in the killing of Boromir, and he was a perfect companion of Frodo.

In the end, Saruman died, and the Staff of Saruman lost its original owner. Overall, this sword is terrific. The black metallic finish makes it look even better. The crystal ball looked like a shining diamond, and the Saruman staff can also be used to fight with the help of its pointy stick, and you can also use this to attack anyone, and you can easily make your enemy injured because it is a solid staff. You may also be able to cause injury to anyone using this Saruman staff.


You can be very good with this staff by training. You will be able to direct combat. Your trainer should also be very experienced and pleasant. If you train very well, sooner you will be able to move this staff with much ease. Some of the precautionary measures that should be taken before using it are as follow:

    • Your wrists should be that strong so that they will be able to control the staff as this staff weighs more than 1 kilogram
    • Its pointy end can be hazardous, and it can cut the enemy into pieces if attacked with more accuracy and speed
    • Train in an excellent favorable environment, so that you will be able to train well and may also not hurt anyone.
    • Do not try to practice it in-crowd. So that no one can be damaged.
    • Make sure you wrap anything around your wrist and wear good and tight clothes, to make sure you are not distracted.
    • You should also gain weight to get healthy, and arms should not get tired very early holding this staff.
    • Do not train very much in a short period, but instead move slowly and you will get a real sense of any sword, and with more practice, you will be able to become a professional.
    • You need an excellent instructor, who will adequately teach you and you will be able to move this Saruman staff very well.
    • Keep it out of reach from children as it is massive and they cannot handle it and may end in hurting themselves or others.

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