Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Black Crossbow
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M48 Hell Hawk Self-Cocking Assault Crossbow Pistol

Original price was: $189.94.Current price is: $94.97.

  • The 16 1/2” wide x 22” to 24 2/5” adjustable length
  • Draw weight of 80 lbs and a 6” power stroke
  • Heavy-duty plastic, the limbs are lightweight fiberglass

Product description of M48 Hell Hawk Self-Cocking Assault Crossbow Pistol :

The M48 Hell Hawk Self-Cocking Assault Crossbow Pistol is a state of the art weapon intend for strategic lovers and survivalists the same. Consolidating the power and precision of a crossbow with the comfort of a Pistol , this creative gadget is work for tight situation battle and fast shoot commitment.

While,Including a smooth and threatening plan, the Damnation Falcon radiates strength and hostility, making it an impressive device for self-protection and hostile moves. Its smaller size and lightweight development make it profoundly flexibility, permitting clients to use it with accuracy and speed in restricted spaces and quick moving circumstances.

However,Oneself positioning instrument of the Damnation Falcon wipes out the requirement for manual positioning, empowering clients to rapidly and effectively set up the crossbow for activity with negligible exertion. This element makes it ideal for high-stress situations where parted second responses can mean the distinction among life and demise.

Outfitted with a strong draw weight and high-speed bolts, the Damnation Bird of prey conveys wrecking halting power, guaranteeing compelling takedowns of focuses at short proximity. The accuracy designed appendages and cams cooperate to produce amazing bolt paces and level directions, bringing about deadly exactness and entrance.

The Damnation Falcon is intended for flexibility and versatility, with an incorporated Picatinny rail framework that takes into consideration simple connection of embellishments like degrees, lights, and laser sights. This customization choices empower clients to fit the crossbow to their particular requirements and inclinations, improving its viability in different strategic circumstances.

While,Wellbeing is a first concern with the Damnation Bird of prey, which includes an underlying wellbeing component to forestall unplanned terminating and guarantee secure taking care of consistently. Furthermore, the crossbow accompanies a helpful quiver for putting away bolts, guaranteeing speedy and simple admittance to ammo during commitment.

Whether utilized for individual security, strategic tasks, or sporting shooting, the M48 Hell Hawk Self-Cocking Assault Crossbow Pistol offers unmatched power, speed, and accuracy in a conservative and compact bundle. With its creative plan and imposing capacities, this crossbow gun is an amazing powerhouse on the war zone or in the field.


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