M48 Pistol Crossbow Quiver


Overall Length: 6cm 1/2inch x 1cm 1/4 inch

Overall Material: Polypropylene

Description Of M48 Pistol Crossbow Quiver:

The M48 Pistol Crossbow Quiver is a particular extra intended to supplement the M48 pistol Crossbow, improving its usefulness and comfort for arrow based weaponry devotees and trackers the same. Create in view of accuracy and strength, this quiver is design to safely hold bolts (otherwise called arrows) for speedy and simple access during shoot meetings or hunting trips.

Developed from top notch materials, theM48 Pistol Crossbow Quiver flaunts a hearty and lightweight plan, guarantee ideal execution and life span. Its rough form makes it reasonable for different outside conditions, enduring the afflictions of extraordinary use without compromising usefulness.

Including a smooth and ergonomic plan, this quiver flawlessly incorporates with the M48, giving a smoothed out and durable look. Its reduced size and low-profile nature guarantee negligible obstruction with the shooter’s developments, considering unlimited versatility and nimbleness in the field.

The Crossbow Quiver is design for problem free bolt stockpile and recovery. Its imaginative plan consolidates a progression of spaces or compartments that safely hold the arrows set up, keeping them from moving or dropping out during transport or development. This guarantees that shooters can rapidly get to their bolts while required, limiting margin time and augmenting proficiency during shooting meetings or hunting endeavors.

Moreover, the quiver’s plan works with simple connection and expulsion from the M48 Pistol, permitting clients to redo their arrangement as indicated by their inclinations and shooting style. Whether mounted on the actual crossbow or conveyed independently on a belt or saddle, the quiver gives helpful admittance to bolts at whatever point required.

Notwithstanding its reasonable usefulness, the M48 pistol likewise adds a hint of style to the general appearance of the Crossbow Quiver arrangement. Its smooth and present day tasteful improves the visual allure of the crossbow, hoisting its look while keeping an emphasis on execution and ease of use.


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