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M48 Small Pepper Spray Holder

Original price was: $75.92.Current price is: $37.96.

  • heavy-weight Denier ballistic polyester
  • belt loops up to 2 1/4” wide
  • measures 5”x 2”, closed, and 4”x 2”, when open

Product description of M48 Small Pepper Spray Holder :

The M48 Small Pepper Spray Holder is a flexible and sturdy extra intended to give helpful and secure capacity to pepper splash canisters. Created considering accuracy and usefulness, this holder guarantees that clients can get to their pepper shower rapidly and effectively in crisis circumstances.

Built from top notch materials, including tough nylon texture and supported sewing, the M48 Pepper Splash Holder offers remarkable solidness and life span. Its durable development endures the afflictions of everyday use, guaranteeing that the holder keeps up with its trustworthiness even in requesting conditions.

Including a minimized and lightweight plan, this pepper splash holder is explicitly custom-made to oblige little measured pepper shower canisters, giving a cozy and secure fit. The elasticized opening guarantees that the canister remains immovably set up during development, keeping it from slipping or dropping out inadvertently.

The M48 Small Pepper Spray Holder is furnished with a helpful waist band connection, permitting clients to convey their pepper splash cautiously and easily on their belts or belts. The flexible snare and-circle conclusion gives an adaptable fit, obliging belts of different widths while guaranteeing that the holder remains safely joined during exercises.

Intended for flexibility, this pepper splash holder is reasonable for a great many applications, including individual insurance, policing, and open air exercises. Whether conveyed by regular citizens for self-protection or by experts as a feature of their obligation gear, the M48 Pepper Shower Holder offers true serenity and certainty realizing that pepper splash is promptly open when required most.

Notwithstanding its reasonable usefulness, the M48 Little Pepper Splash Holder includes a smooth and downplayed plan, making it appropriate for both easygoing and proficient use. Its watchful appearance guarantees that clients can convey their pepper shower unnoticeably, limiting consideration and boosting adequacy in possibly risky circumstances.

Generally speaking, the M48 Small Pepper Spray Holder joins sturdiness, usefulness, and flexibility to give clients a dependable answer for conveying and getting to their pepper shower effortlessly and comfort. Whether utilized for individual insurance or expert obligation, this holder is a fundamental adornment for anybody trying to improve their wellbeing and security.


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