Medieval Executioner Axe

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Total 27" inches in length
Stainless steel blade with wooden handle

Regular Price: $95.00

Special Price: $60.79


We provide the best Medieval Battle Axes made yet. The axe is a tool used for shaping and cutting wood. It also serves as a collectible and a ceremonial symbol. Axe comes in many forms and shapes, but all have a handle and a blade on head in common. We sell Replica for axes online. In Ancient times, people make an axe head with a stone. But these days, modern users make axe with bronze, steel or iron. Soon warriors developed battle axes. Such axes have sharpened blade were perfect for combat. Battle axes of medieval were Cheaper than Replicas and more reliable. We offer all the Katana Replicas. The Warriors use such axes to cut legs or arms with a slight stroke of a battle-axe. In the middle ages, there was no special cell for execution. The Slaughterer kills high-ranking criminals in open. They use effective and lethal collectibles for this purpose. Top of that was an executioner axe. This Axe has a two-sided sharpened blade with the same shape on both sides. Usually the slayer brings the culprit in open, lie him down and tie his hands. After that, the killer strikes the blade of the axe on his neck. This Decapitation is fatal to humans. There is no chance for any criminal to survive after this act. This punishment of Beheading was popular in the Medieval. Replicas Kingdom provide you the Cheapest Medieval Battle Axes.

Another brutal collectible of the Middle Ages is the Armor Axe. It is slightly different from any execution axe. The backside of its blade is smaller than the front one. It can conflict damage to any armored knight. The curved shape of this axe allows warriors to penetrate through the armor. It is a brutal collectible indeed used in the middle ages. We offer the best medieval axes. So be ready to experience Replicas of medieval axes and place your order. Buy Cheap Replicas online from our Replica store.

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