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Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Sword
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Miwa Kasumi Cosplay Prop Sword

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Overall Length: 75cm

Product Material: Wood

Description of Miwa Kasumi Cosplay Prop Sword:

Miwa Kasumi is a famous person from the manga and anime series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” known for her great swordsmanship and striking appearance. To precisely cosplay as Miwa Kasumi, one fundamental prop is her sword. We should dig into a definite portrayal of this notable prop, a critical part for any devoted Miwa Kasumi cosplayer.

The Miwa Kasumi cosplay prop sword is a reliable imitation of the weapon employ by the person in the series. Create with careful scrupulousness, this prop estimates around 40 inches long. And duplicate the sword’s size and extents as found in the anime. The blade is produce using excellent treat steel, guarantee strength and a sensible appearance. The edge includes a silver-dim completion that mirrors the presence of clean steel, with complicate inscriptions scratch along the more full to catch the sword’s elaborate plan.

Drop down from the cutting edge, the watchman of the sword is a dazzling piece of craftsmanship. It’s fastidiously intend to recreate the perplexing botanical themes found in the series. With silver-condition metalwork that flickers in the light. The gatekeeper’s round shape is consistent with the first plan. It gives a credible touch to the general appearance of the prop.

Proceeding as far as possible, the grasp is envelop by great dim red manufacture calfskin to copy Miwa Kasumi’s unmistakable variety plot. The wrap is painstakingly gotten, give a familiar and ergonomic grasp for cosplayers to hold during shows and photoshoots. The knob toward the finish of the grip is embellish with a beautifying symbol that adds to the sword’s general tasteful.

The Miwa Kasumi cosplay prop sword isn’t just outwardly exact yet in addition alright for cosplay purposes. It has no sharp edges, make it reasonable for shows and public occasions where security is a worry. Cosplayers can unhesitatingly employ this prop without the gamble of injury.



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