Most Powerful Trunks Brings New Meaning to ‘God-Tier’ in Dragon Ball Z

Xeno Trunks is a much more powerful version of Trunks who has even crossed into the realm of the gods. He is currently employed by the Time Patrol Agency as a guardian of history and is far more powerful than the most well-known Future Trunks. Xeno Trunks played a significant role in the events of the Android and Cell Sagas. Most Dragon Ball fans are likely most intimate with the Future Trunks who traveled back in time to help Goku and others during events of the Android as well as  Cell Sagas.

 In Chapter 1 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission, Goku and Vegeta introduce another dimension of Trunks’ version. Xeno Trunks experienced a timeline similar  to Future Trunks until it diverged after the  Cell died in the future. Xeno Trunks manages to find himself in the existence of the Kaioshin of Time, who continues to appoint the Saiyan as that of an agent of justice in order to pay back his debts for fiddling with history so oftenly.

Xeno Trunks  quickly realizes that despite their power, they are incapable of taking on the villains who are devoted to  destroying history. In Chapter 16 of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission, Trunks is unmatched by the divine powers of Mechikabura, the most powerful demon in history, with him and the other Z Warriors who became part of time patrol. Other warriors direct their energy to him, as only Trunks remained intact. Together with the  power of Pan, Gohan, Goten, Goten, and Vegeta, the Saiyans  complete an inadvertently forgotten ritual, turning Xeno Trunks into a Super Saiyan god.

Later  in the Dragon Ball Heroes 9th Anniversary book, it became clear that the writer was  torn between giving Trunks a Super Saiyan God and a Super Saiyan 4, but his hair color was super.  He was the first  Super Saiyan god within Z Warriors to be entirely composed of manga.  As Dragon Ball Heroes grows in popularity  Super Saiyan Blue Xeno Trunks may be just around the corner.