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Warrior helmets have been worn throughout the centuries by warriors to protect themselves during wars. They come in many different shapes, kinds, sizes and hold great cultural and historical significance. Here’s a list of the most famous medieval helmets and warrior helmets that are famous even today for their great build, sturdy look and over all protection that they offer.
Let’s have a look at some of the famous war helmets and something about their ancient history.

Greek Helmets

These are perfect to be worn as a functional piece of battle-ready armor or as a part of a costume. The Corinthian helmet is the most popular Greek war helmet and very well-known as well. The Greek warriors most of the time were equipped by with the best armors and weapons to that time. When it came to striking blows, the Greek warriors were the strongest among others. This is why they preferred to go with the best helmets that protected their heads from strong bows or injuries. The Greek helmets had different designs and varied from each other, making each helmet distinctive and unique in its own way.
The Greek helmets that you’ll find now are made from quality materials, which ranges from iron or bronze to more modern steel. Those who like to collect helmets will find the Greek helmets as great collectables, as they are worth being displayed in your office or at home. These helmets are not only great form of display, but also a perfect piece of battle regalia. A few of the well-known and worth collecting items are:
Troy helmet: This war helmet is the most superior Trojan style helmet having a great style and looks totally ancient.
Steel Greek Corinthian Helmet: This helmet is the best Corinthian styled helmet you can have.
Spartan 300 Helmet
Trojan war helmet
1st century brass pony tail Helm
Brass Italo Corinthian helmet
General themistokles helmet

Roman Helmets
The most recognizable and iconic war helmets in history are the Roman helmets. The helmets were favored by legionaries, legates, soldiers, generals, gladiators, centurions and many more. Now people even collect these roman styled war helmets. The most well-known helmet in roman history was dubbed the imperial helm. The style of this helmet matches the picture that comes to mind when someone thinks about a roman helmet. This helmet features a limited visor and cheek protectors, and many times it is decorated with plume. Having plumes on roman helmets has a number of different implications, the most common being to help soldiers in identifying important figures in the battle field; the plumes made the soldiers stick out more. Some of the popular roman helmets are above.
Collecting war helmets is a great hobby for many, especially those who love battle and prized collectables. If you are looking for an alternative to metal helmets, then leather helmets is what you should go for. In leather helmets you are bound to find the comfort and lightness that is not available in a metal helmet. Of course, when there is lightness that means less protection. Wearing a leather helmet means that you can see the blow coming and avoid it. Plus, it’s easy to move your head around with a leather helmet. Increase your collection of war helmets by adding some leather ones too!

1. Gladiator Helmets with Spikes
Gladiator helmets with spikes are one of the coolest looking warriors helmet. That are made up of 18 gauge mild high quality steel and are polished back to give an amazing finish. These helmets come either with or without a leather inlet. Gladiator helmets with spikes are now available as a reproduction of the ones wore by the original gladiator knights. Such replica helmets are available in different sizes and thickness, and are elegantly designed to look attractive while being highly durable because of the materials used.

2. Norman Steel Helmet
This Norman helmet is one of the effective and straight forward medieval helmets that were used mostly from the 6th to 12th century. This iconic and recognizable helmet is based around the early medieval era and was designed to fully protect the wearer’s face. The forged sectional plates of the helmet are held together by rivet-reinforced strips to protect the head fully. The front of the helmet features a nasal guard that provides face protection without being too distracting. The adjustable leather liner inside the helmet and the chin straps work to keep the helmet in place and provide comfort. The solid build and strength of the Steel Norman Helmet made it a popular choice for all warriors.

3. The 6th Century Sutton Hoo Viking King
The Sutton Hoo Viking King is full sized and one of the best Medieval Helmets whose design is based on fragments ground from the ancient Viking burial sites. Such medieval helmets are fully wearable and functional and a perfect choice for the reenactment field.

4. The Coppergate Helmet
Dating back to the 8th century, the Coppergate Helmet was recovered during the excavations in York in 1982. The Anglo-Saxon carries great archeological importance and the reconstruction of this warrior helmet proved the amazing skills of the 8th century craftsmen.

5. Deluxe Coppergate Helmet
The Coppergate Helmet is also commonly known as the York Helmet, and is one of the four Anglo-Saxon helmets known. This warrior helmet consists of a rounded composite skull, the elements being riveted and secured together. The helmet consists of two cheek protectors that are attached by hinges to the sides, and a mail curtain hands back to protect the neck of the person wearing it. The crown and the rim were decorated with brass ornaments and fittings, while the nasal guard is also finished with brass. The leather lining inside these replica helmets and the chin straps attached ensure comfortable and easy fitting.

6. Archer Helmet
Legions are a group of people who are armed with shields, swords and javelin. Legions also included archers, who used to wear the Archer helmet. The Archer helmet differs a lot from the typical war helmets. It features a tall, pointed cap that is reinforced with metal strips and a protector, the hangs from the back of the helmet to cover the neck. Two other protectors hand down to cover the cheeks and the jaws. The helmet gives an authentic Roman look when worn.

7. Black Helmet Plume with Wood Base
Plumes are attached to warrior helmets not for decoration purposes, but for personal style. These plume medieval helmets are helpful for indicating the people of specific ranks or importance. Plume consists of horse hair that has been dyed black, and is attached to helmet of officers who need to be indicated quickly during a war or need to be distinguished as a high personnel.

8. Brass Roman Officer’s Helmet
The Roman Officers Helmet features a red hair plume that is used to mark the top leaders and ranks. The helmet is made of brass and is full sized. The helm indicates the highest ranks and is a great one to add to your replica helmets collection.

9. Arena Gladiator Helmet
The Arena Gladiator helmets give you a feeling of looking through a Gladiator’s eyes. It comes in full size and is based in the Roman era.

10. Brass Charioteer Helmet
Instead of plumes, these gladiator helmets feature a tassel for decoration. The helmet has a rounded top, and is curved at the back to protect the neck. The ears are closed and protected with the rigid sides, while the face is left exposed. The polished brass look and the quality of materials used give this warrior helmet a perfect finish. Although it gives a Charioteer look, it was greatly worn by Roman warriors.

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