Dracule Mihawk's "Yoru" Greatsword
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MURASAME Top Handmade Katana Sword

Original price was: $381.98.Current price is: $190.99.

  • Blade Material: 1045 Carbon Steel
  • Habaki Material: Brass
  • Tsuba Size: 3.25 in.
  • Handle Length: 10.5 in.
  • Overall Length: 40 in.

Product description of MURASAME Top Handmade Katana Sword :

Step into the domain of flawless craftsmanship with the MURASAME Top Handmade Katana sword, a genuine magnum opus that consistently mixes custom and accuracy. Made by talented craftsmans, this hand tailored katana addresses the apex of Japanese swordsmithing, repeating the imaginativeness and commitment of the old samurai fighters.

While,The edge, carefully produced from high-carbon steel, oozes legitimacy and strength. Its well honed edge and unmistakable hamon line give recognition to the conventional strategies went down through ages, making an edge that isn’t simply a weapon however a masterpiece. The agile ebb and flow and finely sharpened tip typify the pith of the samurai soul.

However,The tsuka (handle) is painstakingly envelope by certifiable beam skin and embellish with conventional cotton ito, giving a safe and agreeable hold. The menuki (fancy grasp components) include many-sided plans, adding an additional layer of tastefulness to the sword. The tsuba (monitor) exhibits careful itemizing, mirroring the magnificence tracked down in useful straightforwardness.

While,The saya (casing) is made from top notch wood and lacquered to a faultless completion. Its profound dark tint stands out from the brightness of the cleaned edge, making a dazzling visual effect. The sageo (rope) finishes the troupe, guaranteeing a protected and upscale connection to your obi (belt).

Whether showed as the focal point of an assortment or employed with deference for the old military customs, the MURASAME Top Handmade Katana sword rises above the common. Each stroke with this katana turns into a recognition for the tradition of the samurai, interfacing the present with a rich history of honor, discipline, and craftsmanship.

For gatherers and lovers the same, this hand tailored katana is in excess of a weapon — it’s an immortal image of Japanese legacy and the creativity that characterizes the spirit of the samurai. Embrace the polish and accuracy of the MURASAME Top Handcrafted Katana Blade, where everything about an honorable account and dominance.


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