Shikoto Hand Forged Damascus Tanto Sword
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Shinwa Satinsting Handmade Shirasaya
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Musashi Midnight Warrior Katana Clay Tempered

Original price was: $604.00.Current price is: $302.00.

  • Overall length: 40 1/2″
  • 27 1/2″ folded 1045 and 1060 carbon steel blade
  • Clay tempered to produce a real hamon line
  • Genuine ray skin and cotton cord wrapped handle
  • Brass tsuba
  • Full-tang blade is double-pegged to the hardwood handle

Description of Musashi Midnight Warrior Katana Clay Tempered :

This Musashi Midnight Warrior Katana is quite possibly of the best worth on the sword market today. The cutting edge is hand produce of 1045 and 1060 carbon steel that has collapse multiple times bringing about 4096 layers. The sharp edge then earth temper to deliver a genuine hamon line and an edge hardness of 58RC. However, this isn’t simply a lovely presentation piece, this Musashi sword is an end to end length, fight prepare sword that has twofold fix to the hardwood handle to guarantee it can endure even the most brutal cutting situations. It even incorporates a hardwood case, blade capacity pack and cleaning unit!

Presenting the Musashi Midnight Warrior Katana Clay Tempered  – an unmatched show-stopper produced from the pot of history and current resourcefulness. Made utilizing the old strategy of mud treating and collapsed carbon steel, this katana exemplifies the soul of incredible fighter Miyamoto Musashi, while its midnight shades and remarkable development stand as a demonstration of contemporary craftsmanship.

The blade of the Midnight Warrior Katana is a consequence of careful producing, including collapsed carbon steel that awards it noteworthy strength and edge maintenance. The dirt treating process, a sign of customary Japanese swordsmithing, confers an unmistakable hamon design on the cutting edge and improves its general flexibility. This mix of strategies results in a katana that finds some kind of harmony between cutting execution and visual charm.

The tsuba (monitor) is fastidiously plan, enhance with mind boggling themes propelled by the notable components of Musashi’s life and reasoning. The handle, enveloped by certified beam skin and embellished with midnight black silk ito, guarantees a solid and agreeable hold. The katana’s one of a kind plan is additionally raised by a sheath that repeats the katana’s craftsmanship, carefully created to supplement the sharp edge’s stylish.

The Musashi Midnight Warrior Katana respects the tradition of Musashi as well as gives recognition to the ageless craft of Japanese blade making. Whether treasured as a gatherer’s thing, showed as a focal point, or employed in the possession of a military craftsman, this katana encapsulates the substance of verifiable ability and current mastery, welcoming you to encounter the union of at various times in each stroke.


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