Ninja Wood Sword

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Total Length: 35"
Blade Length: 24.5"
Handle: 10.5"
Blade Construction: High Quality Stainless Steel -
Blade Finish: Dull
Handle: Wooden handle with black string wrapping
Fitting: Brass Finish Solid Cast Metal Guard and Pommel
Scabbard: Black string wrapped wooden scabbard with belt (FREE)

Regular Price: $65.00

Special Price: $52.41


The breathtaking Replica Blade of Ninjato is in stock. We are offering Ninja Sword Wood for a limited time. Hurry up and buy this Cheap Sword to save big. Ninja Replica Sword is also known as Ninjato or Ninjaken. History militarians think that such Blade were used by Ninjas during the period of Sengoku. However, there is no accurate proof of this belief. Ninjato somehow looks like a Replica Blade. The design is based on the Wakizashi Sword. The ninjas made a Sword with straight blade for convenience. The blade of such Sword is shorter than Replica Blade. Usually the sheath of Ninja Blade were made longer. This compartment helps ninjas to keep some of their tools like poison and Shurikens inside it.

The ninjas used their Sword as a tool more than a weapon. The long scabbard allows them to crawl on wall. However, the Ninjato is inferior to any real Replica Blade. Ninjas did not have much money to produce quality steel. Therefore, the steel is not much sharp. However, we are providing a Cheap ninja Sword made of quality wood. It features the pure, stainless steel. The handle is made with red finished wood, and black fabric is wrapped around it. It can easily be hung on the wall. We offer a perfect Sword for ninja fans. You will be amused by this Sword. Buy this Sword from our reliable Online Swords Store to save money.

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