Ninja Symbol 3-piece Blue Samurai Swords Set

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1-Sword Total length with scabbard of katana is 40 inches
Overall length: 38"
Blade length: 29"
Handle: 9"
2-Sword Total Length with scabbard of wakizashi is 30 inches
Overall length: 26.5"
Blade length: 17.5"
Handle: 9"
3-Sword Total with scabbard length of tanto is 23 inches
Overall length: 21.5"
Blade length: 14"
Handle: 7.5"
1 katana sword
1 wakizashi
1 tanto
Free Painted Display Stand
High Quality Stainless Steel Construction


Regular Price: $180.00

Special Price: $88.96


Samurai Sword Set
Samurai warriors were some highly trained Japanese medieval and early modern warriors. The word Samurai means “Those who serve in close attendance to the nobility”. The basic rules followed by Samurai’s were known as Bushido. Samurai warriors at time of their peak comprised about 10 percent of Japanese population. Even now their teachings can be found in modern Japanese martial arts. The tales of brave and skilled Samurai warriors are very common among Japanese culture and society.
The Samurai warrior clan was formed somewhere in second half of 600 A.D. Initially Samurai were skilled soldiers hired by the rich and big land-owners in order to protect them or to use these soldiers in fights against enemies. These Samurai’s soon became the rulers of Japan due to their ferocity and power. Even today Samurai have numbers of castles all around Japan.
One of the most exotic and prominent thing about Samurai warriors is their weapons. Samurai used a number of unique and intelligently made weapons e.g swords, axes, spears etc. The numbers of weapons used by Japanese Samurai warriors is already beyond counting. There are numbers of different axes. Even a greater numbers of spears and even more types of swords. But the most popular among these weapons was the Samurai sword set.
The katana set comprise of three swords (razor sharped) of different size stacked upon one another in a beautifully decorated stand. Each serving its own purpose. These three swords were slightly curved to increase their sharpness and usability. All of these swords had smooth grip and there was no distinctive boundary or line among their pommel, shoulder and grip i.e there was just one straight grip (sometimes engraved to increase friction for firm grip) no showing off at all.
The biggest among them which is at top spot serves its wielder best in a proper two on two duel and in a war where number of warriors fight each other in a total chaotic condition. This sword was simple yet effective and with a skill level of a ninja and power of a Samurai along with a Sword like this you surely are a huge contender to win a duel and finish your opponent with a little swish!
The second and a little shorter than first sword sit at the second spot in a Samurai warrior’s stand. This one is useful in close encounter (like the one which Oberyn Martell prince of drone used to cut the hand of Lannister guard just before meeting TyrionLannister). The blade of this sword is so sharp that you can shave with it. In the hand of a skilled Samurai Warrior this sword had performed wonders. This sword though short in size is lethal and deadly in short quarters.
The third sword which is more closely related to a dagger is a useful weapon in emergency situations. This sword is a little pocket sized and can be camouflaged beneath the death colored robes of some awesome Samurai warrior so in case some enemy is somehow able to overpower a Samurai and is now sitting on his chest(which is I assure you highly unlikely). The Samurai can give a mythical smile and quickly uncover this little sword and like a flash of lightning drive it straight into the unlucky enemy’s flesh.
Even these samurai swords set are so lethal when separated, there is no stopping a Samurai who is in possession of the complete set of these awesome death sticks (I do realize that Japanese had already given them some nice names but just to have a little satisfaction I’ve named them Death Sticks).
These sword do have different size but they all have same blade, though the level of sharpness differ from sword-smith to sword-smith, but We are talking about best quality used by most skilled and noble Samurai warriors. The most high quality blade was so sharp that it could pierce the flesh and bones of a fully grown strong man with relative ease. The blade of these swords retain its thickness to the middle ridge and then start shrinking. The most important property of a Samurai of blade is to have the proper tip shape. There were different types of tip chosen by the warrior himself. The tip can be long to give a more pointy shape to sword and to easily pierce the body of enemy. The tip could be small to give more area for the blade. The tip can even be hooked backwards to give the sword even more mysterious look.
With all these awesome skills and swords there is no wonder that Samurai soldiers describe themselves as “followers of the way of the warrior”. They had their own philosophy and way of life. They refrain themselves from common desires and live their life solely to be a proper warrior.

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