Officially Licensed- Lord Of The Rings Sword Of Faramir


  • Sword has a 33” tempered stainless steel
  • The 42” overall replica sword

Description of Officially Licensed- Lord Of The Rings Sword Of Faramir: 

Faramir, the leader of the Ithilienan Rangers, used this blade. Faramir, who was Boromir’s brother, protected Gondor’s borderlands from Sauron’s wicked armies as a great and gallant soldier. The real filming prop sword used in the THE LORD OF THE RINGSTM movies produced by New Line Cinema was recreated in this exquisitely detailed sword replica by Weta Workshop of New Zealand. With an overall length of 42″, this exquisitely crafted sword has a solid metal pommel and guard with an antique steel finish and a genuine leather wrapped grip. Gold twin raven designs are use as cross guard decorations while gold rings are use as pommel decorations. The 33″ blade is made of temper stainless steel with a fake edge.

Drench yourself in the amazing adventure of Center earth with the formally authorized Officially Licensed- Lord Of The Rings Sword Of Faramir. Created with relentless commitment to legitimacy, this copy sword fills in as a striking demonstration of the bold tradition of Gondor’s respectable commander. Each complex detail, from the carefully carved grip that honors the domain’s celebrated history, to the fastidiously produced tempered steel sharp edge, catches the pith of Faramir’s chivalry and the getting through soul of Tolkien’s reality.
This impeccably planned sword isn’t simply a simple copy; it’s a gatherer’s little glimpse of heaven. The meticulousness is unrivaled, making it a piece of workmanship that reflects both the craftsmanship of its makers and the rich embroidery of Center earth. The blade’s grip, complicatedly made from sap, bears the imprints and images of Gondor, welcoming you to dig further into the legend of this domain and its honorable ancestry.
Joined by a luxurious showcase plaque decorated with the notorious White Tree of Gondor, this copy sword turns into an amazing highlight. Whether mounted on a wall, showed on a stand, or displayed in a gatherer’s case, it changes any space into a recognition for Faramir’s heritage. The presentation plaque highlights the blade’s excellence as well as praises the imagery that runs profound inside the core of Gondor.

As this item isn’t simply a noteworthy piece of memorabilia — it’s a scaffold among fans and the fantastical world they hold dear. Whether talented to a gave Tolkien fan or added to your own assortment, this copy blade resounds with the fortitude, honor, and forfeit that characterize the actual quintessence of Faramir’s personality. The excursion of Center earth go on with this breathtakingly made recognition, a guide of valor that you can gladly employ or show for quite a long time into the future.


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