One Piece Confirms a Big Fan-Theory about Gold Roger

One Piece has been around for a really long time, and in that time, being a fan has become amazing at fan-hypotheses. Maker Eiichiro Oda has cultivated an adequate number of mysteries into his manga to take care of connivance scholars for a really long time, and more strings are being associated constantly. What’s more, this week, it appears to be one major hypothesis about Gold Roger was at long last affirmed following quite a while of pondering.

Reality came out when One Piece set Luffy in opposition to Kaido again, and the privateers are duking it out with no considerations. Having arrived at Gear Fifth, Luffy is more grounded than at any other time, and Kaido is still as strong as could be expected. As a matter of fact, the reprobate says he’s certain he will win against Luffy since Devil Fruit powers don’t ensure triumph.

All things considered, Roger had no organic product abilities. Kaido affirms that much himself, and fans rushed to nerd out as many thought the Pirate King had never eaten a Devil Fruit.

Obviously, capacities can assist privateers with turning out to be all the more remarkable, yet they don’t make a Pirate King all alone. Kaido says Haki decides such a victor, yet fans realize there is something else to it besides that. Roger’s dauntless soul made the privateer relentless, and Luffy has demonstrated he shares that equivalent heart. All things considered, Zunesha says they see that legitimacy in Luffy, and there’s an explanation the Straw Hat commander brings trust any place he goes.

With One Piece on the edge of a peak, everyone’s attention is on Luffy to find out how his last battle with Kaido turns out. The eventual fate of Wano and the Grand Line in general is on the line. This implies the fight must choose the option to end with a bang, and fans are sure Luffy will dominate the competition somehow.