Falcata Delus Warrior Sword
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Shinwa Blood Dragon Carbon Steel Katana With Scabbard
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Oriental Katana Sword

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Overall length: 41″

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Product Details:
Oriental Sword
27″ 4mm Blade, Stainless Steel
Plain Dull Blade
Dragon Sculpted Nylon Fiber Handle
Includes White Leather Wrap Scabbard And Metal Fittings

Oriental Katana Sword:
Katana is a famous Japanese sword belongs to the Ninhonto family of swords. It has many types that differentiate by the blade length. Katana Sword was famous among the Western sword enthusiasts. They called him dai or daito. Daito is generally known for any Japanese long sword meaning “big sword.” Katana indicates a curved single-edged blade, either with a squared or circular guard.

The Oriental Katana Sword generally relates to one of the traditional swords of Japan. It uses the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan. Western historians say that Katana Sword is one of the finest blades in world military history. Katana replaced the Tachi sword and become one of the finest among samurai soldiers as gradually changing battles.

Product Details:
If you are a fan of Katana and want to buy it at a low price, read the product details first.

  • The overall length of the Oriental Katana Sword is 41”.
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • You will get a plain dull blade.
  • It has a dragon sculpted nylon fiber handle.
  • You will get a white leather wrap and metal fittings scabbard free.

You can now buy Oriental Katana Sword from our online store SwordsKingdom at an affordable price. Order now and get the famous Japanese Katana Sword at your doorstep. If you want to explore more Katana Swords, then visit our Japanese Katana Collection category.

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