Purple Samurai Warrior Sword With Open Scabbard


  • 40″ overall length
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Traditional Japanese inscription
  • Imitation ray skin handle
  • Heavy cord wrappings
  • Includes custom scabbard

Description of Purple Samurai Warrior Sword With Open Scabbard:

This samurai saya sword includes a 27-1/2″ hardened steel cutting edge with a conventional Japanese engraving. An improving habaki, tsuba, menuki and pound add lots of old-world style and genuineness to this saya. The impersonation beam skin handle is enclose by maroon-shaded line. The casing highlights an initial that permits the Japanese engraving to be apparent even while the sharp edge is sheath.

Presenting the Purple Samurai Fighter Sword with Open Scabbard – a striking combination of intense feel and immortal champion soul. This sword draws motivation from the persona of old samurai customs while offering a contemporary expression with its dynamic purple tints and open casing plan.

The edge of the sword is skillfully create from great treat steel, guaranteeing both flexibility and sharpness. The clear purple completion along the sharp edge grandstands an advanced turn on conventional style, catching consideration and radiating a demeanor of otherworldliness. The particular shape of the edge, with regards to the notable samurai configuration, guarantees liquid and exact cutting movements, while the resplendent hamon line adds a bit of credibility.

The guard of the Purple Samurai Warrior Sword is enhance with many-sided specifying, including a samurai theme that gives recognition to the fighters of old. The handle, enclosed by purple line, gives an agreeable and secure grasp, taking into consideration exact control during employing. The open sheath plan features the cutting edge as well as stresses the sword’s one of a kind visual allure, making it a remarkable piece for show.

Both useful and fancy, this sword is joined by an open casing intended to supplement its dynamic style. Whether showed as a craftsmanship piece or used as an image of solidarity, the Purple Samurai Warrior Sword with Open Scabbard typifies the pith of the samurai ethos while offering a cutting edge take on customary plan – an epitome of force and excellence that catches the creative mind.


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