Kit Rae Black Axios Sword Cane – 1045 Carbon Steel Blade, Leather-Wrapped Grip


With the popularity of his Axios Sword Cane continuing to flourish, Kit Rae has added another version that’s definitely collector-worthy. Starting at the top of the Black Axios, the instantly recognizable, scroll-worked handle has a blackened finish and features a black leather-wrapped grip. Continuing the all-black design, the carbon steel blade has a black oxide finish and the intricate scroll-work etching. The shaft that hides the blade is black TPU and its fittings also have the blackened finish of the handle.

Presenting the Kit Rae Black Axios Sword Cane an entrancing combination of imaginativeness and utility created to catch the creative mind of gatherers and experts the same. This wonderful piece features Pack Rae’s unrivaled craftsmanship intended to be both a dazzling showcase piece and a careful self-protection device.

The Kit Rae Black Axios Sword Cane is an exquisite show-stopper that oozes a demeanor of secret and complexity. From the start, it has all the earmarks of being a conventional strolling sword, yet with a basic bend. It uncovers its secret mystery – a finely manufactured sharp edge, sharpened flawlessly, covered inside its obscured shaft.

The handle produced using unpredictably cut darkened treated steel, brags fancy etchings suggestive antiquated runes, adding to its endlessly appeal.

The sharp edge itself is a masterpiece and hand tailored from top notch tempered steel. Giving it excellent strength and sturdiness. The threatening edge includes a darkened completion that supplements the general tasteful of the piece while giving rich appearance. Scratched along the edge’s spine are mysterious images and examples, further mirroring the sword signature contact.

Usefulness is never forfeit for style in the Kit Rae Black Axios Sword Cane. The sharp edge’s consistent organization component guarantees a speedy and smooth expansion. Prepared to act as a solid self-protection device when required.

The harmony between the cutting edge and the sword’s handle has been fastidiously consummated. Making it both easy to use and agreeable to convey. Giving an additional feeling that everything is good to the proprietor.

For the insightful gatherer the sword accompanies a hand crafted. Show stand that permitting you to exhibit this noteworthy piece as the highlight of your assortment. Whether it graces the corridors of your home or turns into an idea in your office. The sword is sure to spellbind all who lay eyes upon it.

Kindly note that this depiction is absolutely fictitious in view of the style and attributes ordinarily connected with Pack Rae manifestations.


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