Eowyn Sword Replica with Brown Grip from LOTR


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Overall length with scabbard: 43″

(max file size 1 GB)

Product Details:

Blade Length: 32.5″
Handle: 8″
Blade Thickness: 1/4″
Free Scabbard
Free Display
Blade Material: High-Quality stainless steel with a fuller grind
Handle Material: Solid metal guard and pommel with Gold plated finish, the hilts are cast in the symbols of the famed horses of Rohan.

Eowyn Replica Sword Description:

Born in Edoras, Eowyn suffered the early death of her parents and was forced to look after her ailing uncle, King Theoden, whose health was rapidly diminishing under the increasing control of Saruman and Grima Wormtongue. The beautiful and strong Eowyn was trained as a Shield-maiden and was considered to have surpassed many Rohirrim men in terms of craft and skill. She carried a full-sized sword, which measured nearly three feet in length, from tip to hilt. The bronze guard and pommel were styled beautifully in honour of the mares, to improve the grip of Eowyn’s small hand upon the sword. The handgrip was crafted with a raised middle section of three bronze rings. This type of fuller was common among royal swords of the Rohirrim.

Against her uncle’s wishes, a disguised Eowyn rode with the Rohirrim to the Pelennor Fields along with the hobbit, Merry, in defence of their fallen king. Eowyn achieved true heroism as she succeeded in the slaying of the Witch-King and his fell steed, however, she also suffered a heinous injury during the crusade. After being healed by King Elessar, Eowyn finally abandoned her passion for battlefield grandeur and found true love in the arms of Faramir.

The replica Eowyn sword of LOTR movie comes with realistic details, affordable price and quality finishing. If you are willing to get it at your doorstep, then have a look at the specifications first.

  • The overall length of this replica Eowyn sword is 43 inches.
  • Its blade length is 32.5 inches, and handle’s length is 8 inches.
  • It comes with a free elegant scabbard.
  • The blade is 1/4 inches thick and made up of stainless steel.
  • Guard is of solid metal and pommel comes with gold plated finish.
  • It is a worth buying replica LOTR sword.
  • A free display stand also comes with this replica Eowyn Brown grip sword.

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Can I buy Eowyn sword in bulk amount?

Yes, you can buy as per your needs.

What is the material of its handle?

Handle is made up of solid metal guard and gold-plated pommel.

Is it a real sword?

No, it is just a replica.
Weight 3 kg

1 review for Eowyn Sword Replica with Brown Grip from LOTR

  1. Wiki

    bought the sword for the only reason that I’m a huge lord of the rings fan not to mention its because of Eowyn. The sword arrived in good condition and the packaging was also nice. will be buying again sometime in the future.

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