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Robin Hood Sword

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  •  Overall Length is 37 Inches

Product Details:

  • Robin Hood Sword Overall Length is 37 Inches along with certificate of authenticity.
  •  This sword evokes the spirit of the renowned outlaw and his legendary archery abilities with its elaborate hilt with complex carvings and a striking crossguard resembling a stylized bow.
  • The Robin Hoot Sword is a beautiful collector’s item and a must-have for fans of medieval mythology.
  • It is made from premium materials and mixes historical design features with a dash of fantasy.
  • This sword captures the daring spirit of Robin Hood and his merry men, whether it is used as a decorative piece or is admired for its attention to detail.


The Robin Hood Sword is an incredible weapon related with the fables of Robin Hood, an unbelievable bandit and bowman from English middle age numbers and stories. While the idea of Robin Hood has developed over hundreds of years, the actual sword is certainly not a focal component in most customary Robin Hood stories. All things equal, his notorious weapon is regularly portray as a longbow.

The legend of Robin Hood revolves around his exercises in Sherwood Woodland. Where he and his band of Cheerful Men are say to have burglarize from the rich to provide for poor people. The sword, whenever reference by any means, is many times eclipse by his ability with the bow and bolt. A few variations of the legend, in any case, do portray Robin Hood conveying a sword. Regularly a middle age broadsword or a comparative kind of weapon.

The sword’s hilt is an exquisite work of art, with delicate engravings showing scenes from Robin Hood’s fabled exploits. The crossguard has a stylised bow design, replete with curvy lines and fine details. Moreover, A brilliant green emerald is set in the pommel. Signifying Sherwood Forest and the sword’s ethereal kinship with the natural world.

The crossguard’s quillons project outward like a bow’s limbs, giving the impression that a bowstring  pulled taut. The guard’s etchings of animal, plant, and archery designs further envelop the user in the Robin Hood universe.

Moreover, It’s critical to take note of that the points of interest of the Robin Hood legend can differ essentially. Contingent upon the source material and variations. And the incorporation of the blade isn’t steady across all variants. While the Sword isn’t as unmistakable or generally perceived as his bow and bolt. It could be portray in present day retellings of the legend as an image of his mastery and expertise in different types of battle.


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