Robin Hood Sword With Plaque


  • Overall Length 40 Inches.

Product Details:

  • The Robin Hood Sword with Plaque is a stainless steel medieval sword that is made opulent by shield features on its guard and hilt.
  • It was designed as a tribute to the brave outlaw of legend. The hilt’s antique brass polish gives it a rough air of regality.
  • This ornamental medieval sword features two arms that slant upward toward the blade and a triangular shield at the guard.
  • Just over this vibrant element is the name Robin Hood.
  • The grip is coated with antique finishing for an actual vintage look and is striped with various textures to help produce a sturdy hold.
  • The pommel has a distinctive insignia that shows a flower above a cross and is shaped like a rounded hexagon.
  • This beautiful Robin Hood sword is intricately carved with consideration for medieval design.


Presenting the incredible Robin Hood sword with plaque — a recognition for the notable figure who took from the rich to provide for poor people. This delightfully created piece catches the pith of the celebrated criminal’s soul and his obligation to equity. The Robin Hood sword with plaque isn’t just a shocking beautifying thing yet additionally an image of boldness, honor, and the battle against mistreatment.

Drench yourself in the stories of Sherwood Forest as you look at this fastidiously planned sword. With its mind boggling subtleties, it transports you back to a period of valor and experience, where the bowman expert Robin Hood meandered the forest, guarding the oppressed and remaining against oppression.

The sword’s cutting edge, embellished with etchings that recount accounts of fearlessness and fellowship, is a demonstration of the craftsmanship that has gone into making this gatherer’s fortune. The grip, exquisitely planned with a harmony between structure and capability, permits you to envision the talented hands that once used it with regards to the blameless.

Joined by a correlative plaque, this Robin Hood sword is prepared to have its spot as the focal point of your assortment or stylistic layout. The plaque, created with a similar scrupulousness, offers a presentation that respects the tradition of Robin Hood and his immortal beliefs.

Whether you’re a set of experiences lover, an enthusiast of fables, or essentially attracted to the charm of incredible stories, the Robin Hood sword with plaque is a priority expansion to your space. Allow it to act as a wake up call of the force of going to bat for what is correct and just, and remember the narratives of the bold bandit each time you cast your look upon this surprising piece.


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